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How to find a Discord server you actually like

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you might be Looking for a new social media platform, and Discord may be your best bet. Discord is a community-first platform that offers servers where you can interact with thousands of like-minded people and find conversations to scroll through. But which server should you join?

start with friends

Some of your friends are probably already on Discord. You may even have your own server. First, ask your friends about their favorite servers and if they can invite you. Last time I did this, I found the entire F1 community of like-minded people streaming the races.

Find Discord links on social media

If you have an online community or page, chances are you have a Discord server. The community links their Discord server in their description, so it’s usually easiest to find on Reddit. They are usually very good (r/Apple Discord server is a good example). Also check out the links in my Instagram and Twitter bios. If you don’t see a public link, DM me and ask if there’s a Discord server you can join.

Using Discord Directory

Image from article titled How to Find a Discord Server You'll Really Like

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You can try Discord’s own discovery tool.click compass needle Icons at the bottom of the sidebar. The featured collection isn’t that great, but the search tool is. Please search for what you are interested in or want to investigate. For example, searching for “mechanical keyboard” brings up 79 different servers.

If you want to discover something completely different, you can use third party Discord server directories such as: Disboard, which does a great job of classifying and tagging communities. This helps you discover promising communities in different sections like games, music, etc. And of course there’s a search feature that helps you narrow down to servers with specific interests, like woodworking or pottery.

For game and anime fans, Discord.Me is an even better option. It has a collection of different servers, but it’s really focused on games and anime (if you spend more than 5 seconds on the page it becomes apparent). read the detailed instructions if you want, or join now Click the button to open the community directly in your Discord app.

How to find a Discord server you actually like

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