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How to find a bra that really fits your big boobs

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Every year since around 2006, it seems that new statistics are being obtained on the number of people wearing the wrong size bra. This always inspires many news articles on how Jennifer on Long Island was 36D, but actually thought it was 30F. In honor of Jennifer of the world, stories like these aren’t as useful as they seem, as they either imply or articulate it. Everyone You need a much smaller band and a much larger cup than what they are wearing.

This idea is so popular that it’s basically a rule, but if you’re big boobs and tall or fat (or all three), it’s bullshit. If you’re tired of making measurements after a measurement and you end up with a bra that doesn’t actually include your chest, try the exact opposite. Increase the size with a band and decrease the size with a cup. This is the reason.

Bra is basically an anti-gravity device. That is, the heavier the chest (and the farther it is from the ground), the more work the garment needs to do. Regardless of the size of the cup, most garments under 36 bands are not designed to support large and heavy breasts and cannot support it.

But a big band that is Designed to support big breasts. They are not just big in terms of circumference. They are also wider, which means more hooks and hence more support. In addition, larger band sizes tend to add additional design elements, such as:

  • Wide, stiff straps: The narrow elasticity you ride in a small bra is not comparable to heavy breast tissue. The wider and stiffer the strap, the more supportive the bra will be.
  • Long wire: Hitting the 38-40 band usually unlocks the long wire. This actually makes the cup “Sister sizeIn a smaller band.

Another benefit of size up: The “minimizer” style is much more common in the plus size range, which usually starts with 38 or 40 bands. Unlike bras with multi-part seamed cups, minimalizer cups are made from a single piece of stretchy seamless fabric. They provide a lot of support and, thanks to the magic of stretching, are very tolerant of changes in size and shape between the breasts. (They also make your boobs look incredibly round.)

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that Bra size is fake Bra fitting is not rocket surgery. You need a comfortable band, a cup that contains all the breast tissue, and a wire that is placed at right angles to the crease where the breast connects to the torso. that’s it. For large people with big boobs, increasing the size of the band is often the easiest way to achieve a perfect fit.

How to find a bra that really fits your big boobs

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