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How to finally cut, copy and paste files in Google Drive

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One of the most frustrating things about Google Drive has finally been fixed. You can now cut, copy, and paste files using standard keyboard shortcuts when using Google’s cloud storage services. Sadly, However, this feature is limited to Google Chrome and its derivatives, so you’re out of luck if you’re using Firefox or any other non-Chromium browser. Here’s how to use these new features:

How to cut, copy and paste with Google Drive

If you are using a Windows PC, you can use: Ctrl + C make a copy, Ctrl + V Paste and Ctrl + X Cut the file with Google Drive. On Mac, replace Ctrl with Command. You can select any file (or group of files) and use the shortcut to copy or move the file to another directory in Google Drive. If you copy the file, Google Drive will automatically save the URL and title to your clipboard. You can paste it into a writing app such as Google Docs or Email to share the title of the document or link it with other users.

How to create a shortcut to avoid duplication

Google Drive also introduces keyboard shortcuts that allow you to create shortcuts to files. If you save the same document in different folders, you can create shortcuts in all of these folders so that you don’t make multiple copies of the same file or lose track of your edits.

To create a shortcut to another file in Google Drive, select and copy the file (Ctrl + C or Command + C) and Ctrl + Shift + C Windows keyboard shortcuts, or Command + Shift + C For Mac.

Select multiple blocks of text in Google Docs

In addition, Google Docs can speed up formatting tasks by selecting multiple blocks of text. In this way, you can select multiple subheadings or other blocks of text that span the entire document and apply the formatting changes at once. On Windows you can do that by pressing Ctrl While selecting each block of text. On Mac Instructions While selecting a block of text.

Open a file or folder in a new tab

If you want to quickly open multiple Google Drive files or folders, you can select all of them and press Ctrl + Enter Windows or Command + Enter On Mac. This will open all these files and folders in a new tab.

How to finally cut, copy and paste files in Google Drive

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