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How to figure out who a phone number belongs to

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There are many cases where it is necessary to match a phone number to a real person’s name. You may have received a message from an unknown number.You may have seen calls from contacts not on your list Pops up repeatedly on your partner’s home screenEither way, here are some of the best ways to track down the name of the person behind the number and understand how or why they’re contacting you.

How to tell if a number is real

There are many apps and online services that allow you to get a second phone number. google voice When text freeSome of these add small notes at the bottom of text messages. [app name], ”But not all of them are. If the person is using a disposable number or third-party app to contact you, it can be difficult to track down who they are, but it can give you clues as to whether their motives are suspicious. Your first job is to determine if that’s what they’re doing.

Step 1 here is to save the number with a name like “Mystery Caller”. If you have an iPhone, open a text thread with your new contact. If you can use iMessage instead of text messages, you’re using a real iCloud account. Even if you only see the option to send a text message, it doesn’t mean that you are automatically communicating with someone who uses a third-party messaging service. They just have Android.

After a few moments, the reverse lookup option will appear. Some reverse lookups will tell you if you’re using a real phone number provided by your mobile operator, but these services are so widespread that there are different terms for mobile phone numbers, prepaid numbers, etc. This is dangerous because If you’re daring, use the trusty old *67 to block the number before calling the person. In some cases, a third-party his provider says, “Hello. Say your name after the tone. Google Voice will try to connect.” It could be a signal that you are using the real number.

How to reverse phone number

There are many reverse number lookup sites online that you can use to glean knowledge about mystery contacts. You may have to pay here.white pages Provides reverse phone lookup, for example. When I entered my actual phone number, it correctly displayed my hometown where the number was registered, and found that it was the number associated with my mobile phone. After clicking a button to view the owner’s name, I was asked to pay $9.99 per report and $2.50 per month for regular access to the report.

Then I entered a phone number that I knew was a Google Voice number. No location data was displayed (although the area code was in Manhattan for third-party users to choose from) and identified this as a “landline phone”. If you’re receiving texts from an unknown number that comes back as a landline, you can assume it’s a third-party app.

More advanced searches such as Inteliuscan provide a lot of information about someone for a fee, but results from third-party apps may not always be returned. You can get the information by paying about $1 for the report (although Intelius can pay a service fee of about $3.99).

Use apps you already have

Things get fun here. Using a reverse lookup tool is often effective, but there are other options especially if you don’t want to pay, don’t trust those sites, or don’t have access. Social media is a great tool here.

I already told you you can use snapchat Save someone’s phone number and go to Friend Suggestions at the bottom of the list to keep track of who’s calling or texting you (if they have Snap case). Note that if you use Snapchat, it will auto-fill. contact address As such, they may be considered “mystery callers”. Looking at their username helps us know who they are. (This also applies to Clubhouse and Signal. You’ll see contact names instead of their real names, but at least you know they’re contacting you from the number they use for socials.)

Instagram Already used Suggest a person with a number you have saved, but it can no longer be trusted. TikTok is great because it offers to follow people in your contacts and you can click on their profile (with the profile view option firmly toggled off) to see if you recognize them. But be careful here. TikTok has also started counter-suggesting contacts. That is, the target may receive suggestions to follow. youTikTok shows users why each suggested follow is shown. You’ll notice that some of the suggestions say “From Contacts”. In some cases, you will see the suggestion “You are in their contact”. For example, if you’re looking for someone hitting your friend or significant other, you might surrender yourself in this way.

Finally, GOAT: CashApp. Enter your phone number into CashApp and any associated accounts will be displayed. Most of the time, people have real names (or initials) in financial apps, so if you have contacts, your contact name will not be displayed.

How to figure out who a phone number belongs to

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