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How to fight and win geese (joke, you won’t win)

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a few weeks ago, video Patrol the internet A defenseless Florida woman is attacked by a goose in a crowded parking lot.according to Learn from Utah State UniversityFrom 1990 to 2015, Canadian geese were reported to have injured 117 people in the United States. This means that it is unlikely to be attacked by Canadian geese, but it will never be zero.

If you are new to goose attacks, you are in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know when face-to-face with one of the most common birds in the United States.

When will the geese attack?

by United States Department of AgricultureThe way nested geese interact with humans varies from goose to geese. Some geese run away the moment a human approaches, while others prepare for an attack. Goosees who choose violence do so to protect their nests and develop tactics such as running and flying to approach humans. It is not uncommon for nesting geese to try to bite perceived predators.

A common sign you come across angry geese is whether they spread their wings and make a loud swoosh. According to USDA, suburban and urban geese are more likely to attack humans than rural geese. If you see a goose nest in a public place, keep away from it. Instead, call the local animal control office and And they exchange goose nests in a safer place.

How to prevent geese attacks

If your privilege is to keep the geese away from your property, Ohio Wildlife Division He says the best way to do that is to chase the geese like crazy. They explain it, “”Tracking is the most effective management tool to use if done correctly and at the right time.When chasing, geese can be offensive to your property and, when combined with other harassment techniques, can bring the greatest value to your money... They recommend that you start chasing in early spring ((((February or March).. Before the geese start nesting, they need to go out 4-5 times a day to get rid of the geese.

If a goose starts nesting, you need to be aware that tracking methods will not give you results. From April to June, the Ohio Wildlife Service no We encourage you to chase and suggest clear steering instead. Other methods of removing geese include the use of lasers and noise suppressors.

What to do if a goose starts attacking you

In reality, you won’t win the battle with geese. If you find yourself trapped in combat, your goal is to minimize damage. Goose attacks are not a joke. tThe Ohio Wildlife Service has recorded injuries associated with goose attacks, including fractures and head injuries. If the geese are making aggressive moves towards you, what they recommend to you is:

  • Maintain direct eye contact and keep your chest and face facing the goose. Do not turn your back or shoulders from hostile geese.
  • Calm down and walk away slowly, paying attention to obstacles. Do not run away from the geese.
  • Maintain a neutral attitude. That is, do not act hostile or show fear.

How to fight and win geese (joke, you won’t win)

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