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How to enable hidden search sidebar in Google Chrome

screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

Finding what you’re looking for on a Google search page is always a journey. Repeatedly return to the results page when you can’t find what you need, or open six different tabs at once, hoping that one of them will have the tab you want, and overcompensate.

The first option is stuck in a loop before and after. The second result is Tab overload.. Neither option is great. However, there is a secret way to keep the search results panel open while browsing and clicking through the search results one by one, and enable it using Google Chrome’s hidden flag called side search. I can.

How to enable side search feature in Google Chrome

To use this time-saving browser hack,chrome: flagsIt will appear in Chrome’s address bar. This address opens a list of all the experimental features that Chrome currently offers. “Side searchSet the flag and switch the status to “” from the dropdown.Effectiveness.Chrome will ask you to restart your browser. click “RebootFrom the bottom of the page button. (If you don’t see the feature in the flag list, refresh your Chrome browser.)

Once that’s done, Chrome will reopen with the feature enabled and all current tabs will be in a safe and healthy state.

How to use the side search feature in Chrome

screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

There is a second reason to call this a hidden feature. It remains hidden even after the flag is enabled. You won’t see the button to open Google Search as a panel until you open one of the search results. (However, it doesn’t work if you open the result in a new tab).

Therefore, start Google and click on the search results. new”GButton appears next to the reload icon. Click to display the entire search page docked in the left sidebar. This allows you to quickly switch from the first search result to the seventh search result without having to go to another page or to a tab far away. When you’re done, close the tab or clickGSay goodbye to the sidebar “button.

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How to enable hidden search sidebar in Google Chrome

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