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How to drain greasy food when you run out of paper towels

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Fried food is comfort food.but hold it Freshly fried crunch It’s a precarious dance of soaking up the oil and chilling food on the rack without getting soggy before dinner. The traditional method is to use half a roll of paper towels to absorb excess oil, but what happens when the roll runs out? You don’t need a paper towel to make it crispy.

But first: A good oil immersion material is slightly porous, strong enough that it doesn’t stick to the food or break under its weight, and doesn’t mind being covered in oil. That’s why paper towels are your go-to skillet partner. Disposable unfinished paper products (non-waxed or glossy) or previously had another jobNot only will it not delay your fried plans, nutrition, but you Reuse reduce somehow paper towel trash.

Perfect household item for draining fried food

i’m one of the weirdos I don’t use paper towels much anymore (because a few bottles of wine can ruin us all, except at holiday parties), but I still fry food. .

paper egg pack It’s one of my favorite ingredients to use to soak up excess oil for several reasons. eggs are my favorite and me I use about a dozen apple fritters a week, so I can always reach into my trash can and pull out a carton or two. Made of unfinished porous paper, airy cartons are the perfect dipping material. Unlike most other paper products, egg packs are in the shape of small pockets, so depending on what you’re frying, these packs do a bit of double duty. It also serves as a stopgap. Drying racks if placing food across ridges. To get the most out of your egg carton oil rack, open it up or separate the top and bottom to utilize both sides. (For clarity, plastic or foam It does not work. Please recycle. )

paper shopping bag often destined to live multiple livesfrom planting potatoes AIDS To textbook cover (Why was that a problem? Graffiti?). T.It goes well with fried foods, I like to cut the bag into 5 boards along the seam and use the inside side to drain the freshly fried pieces. Newspapers are equally effective (see below: traditional fish and chips) Although less common today, than In the past.

cardboard Another clutch member of your degreasing team. Reliance on modern online ordering means that you Definitely a good selection in a cardboard box.Also other cardboard carriers such as pizza boxes and other takeaway food boxes Made of paper.alike For paper bags, cut the box along the seam and use the inward facing side to drain the oil from the fry. selection from above options, it’s not cardboard As absorbent as any other, I doubt where the box was. Pizza boxes are ideal as they are already used for reliable food. Also, most cities don’t allow oily cardboard to be recycled (although some do allow composting). Anyway, give it a second life by letting it absorb more oil as it is already ineligible for recycling.

tea towel teeth The ultimate reusable fry dryer material. I got Huge collection of tea towels and dish towels over the years (my mother gave me) obsessively ), so it is reasonable to designate two or three for the service of oil recovery.However, if you happen to live in an apartment and your washing machine is just down the street, this is unlikely. practical option.) It’s so easy :uUse a tea towel to absorb excess oil, then Wash with an appropriate amount of soap, white vinegar in the hottest water you can get, Only fabrics that are evenly soiled. Note that tea towels are different from dish towels—they Normally Tight weave, thin cotton, no pile, but dPish towels have piles of looped threads and loose fluff. It absorbs well on hands and tableware, but food may stick to it. No one wants fluff on their fries.

How to drain greasy food when you run out of paper towels

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