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How to do your own basic bike maintenance

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Whether it’s soaring fuel prices or a desire for an adventure staring at a bike that’s been sitting behind a garage for a long time, knowing the basics of regular maintenance can save you time and hassle. I can. Having your bike function properly can save you money on repairs and make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some simple maintenance tasks you can do to keep your bike in excellent condition.

Check the “ABC” on your bike

Routine maintenance starts with a general inspection of the bike (sometimes called “ABC” (or air, brakes, chains)) to address the minor maintenance needs of the bike. For tire pressure, check the ideal air pressure on the bicycle tire sidewall and check. Tire pressure gauge Make sure it is within the recommended range. Then check the brakes to make sure they connect and disconnect easily. Finally, look at the chain and make sure it is clean and well oiled and aligned with the gear.If necessary, you can wipe the chain and some with a clean cloth Bike chain lubricant To keep it well-Greased.

MKeep your bike seasonal and after a big outing

For seasons or postsOutdoor-Adventure level maintenance, make sure all bike parts are clean and healthy-Grease is important.With Bicycle stand Also rack To keep your bike upright, first wipe everything off Clean rag parts. If your bike has dirt or deposits, you can use a solution of water and dishwashing liquid with a hard bristle brush to scrape off the dirt. To get rid of grease buildup and gunk on your bike’s drivetrain, or on the gears that connect to the chain and the gears that connect the pedals to the wheels Small brush Several Solvent degreasing agent Made for motorcycles. Once the gears and chains are clean, you need to lubricate them and test them to make sure they are working properly. This step can be repeated more often as needed to keep the bike sliding smoothly.

TTighten Bolt the bike if necessary

To make sure all parts are properly secured There is no rattling noise, so please check All bolts are properly tightened monthly or bimonthly. Use the tools recommended in the bike manual (Or for older models that don’t have a manual, properly sized wrench)Tighten the bolts according to the manufacturer’s specifications regarding torque. If you don’t know the specifications, you generally have to follow the rule of thumb that structural parts must be tightened with all structural parts. Torque Wrench Made for bicycle parts. This secures the part, but does not damage it or put excessive pressure on it.

Please keep these Basic bicycle repair tools on hand

We also recommend that you have some spare tools and parts available so that you can perform the following basic repairs as needed: Tire exchange.have Spare tube When Tire lever The repair kit allows you to replace the tire in case of a flat tire.It’s also important to maintain Bike pump So in your kit You can inflate the replacement tube.You also need to have a Travel set Wrench or Multi tool For emergency bolt kits-Tightening you need to occur while riding..You can also consider Travel toolkit Includes basic toolset..

How to do your own basic bike maintenance

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