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How to disable Twitter’s amazing new refresh sounds

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Change is scary and we don’t like it. Everything needs to stay in its current state, so I understand how it works and how to use it.Company Like twitter Go to the point of change The sound that plays when you update the feed, All hell is unleashed.. I’m not overreacting here. I know you feel the same.If you want to stop listening to it You can create a robot chirp every time you search for a new tweet Disables sound permanently.

Well, maybe I’m overreacting a bit..I personally Don’t worry about the new double fold sound — Triggering robot chirp When you pull down and refresh the page, Blip it Plays when Twitter finishes updating..That said, I miss the old soundsBut unfortunately there is no way to get it back.

According to The VergeTwitter has been slowly rolling out this new sound on iOS and Android for the past few weeks...Verge staff was unaware until then July 14, but pointed out a tweet from Dating back to July 4th Ask the updated chirp.Perhaps the sound is deploying faster IOS is better than Android, I have it on both platforms. That said, I can only hear the second note on my Pixel. So far, Twitter doesn’t make a sound when you first pull down to update your feed.

How to turn off new Twitter refresh sounds

DDisabling sound is easy.of courseIf your iPhone or Android device is silent, it will not play. All system sounds are disabled when the phone is set to silent or vibration. On the iPhone, it’s as easy as switching the mute switch to silent mode. On Android, press one of the volume buttons to display the volume control,[リング]After tapping[バイブレーション]or[ミュート]Tap.

ThThe is method only works if the entire phone is muted.If you like to keep your sound However, you don’t want to hear the new Twitter tones, so you can only disable the sounds in the Twitter app.To get started, swipe right on the Twitter home screen to bring up the side menu and tap “Settings and privacy.” Tap “Accessibility, display, language” Then select “Display and sound” (IOS) or “screen” (Android).Then turn off the toggle next to it “Sound effects,” You will never hear Twitter’s new refresh sounds.Finally you can Doom scroll with confidenceOnly the beating sound you care about echoes in your ears.

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How to disable Twitter’s amazing new refresh sounds

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