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Most people have the ability to empathize, but they can feel their feelings in the position of others, but empathy feels the feelings and physical sensations of others as if they were their own. increase. When children are sympathizers, it can be confusing for them and often diesregulating.As a parentIt can be difficult to know what is best for a child who seems to feel All..

Here are some of the signs your child may sympathize with:

  • Hypersensitivity to external stimuli such as sound, crowd, and light
  • Easy to hurt
  • Easily upset other People’s hurt feelings like seeing classmates being bullied
  • Prefer to play alone over play dates and team sports
  • Feeling extra fatigue and exhaustion after school and after activities

This is not a complete list, but —Empathy is not a diagnosis like a mental illness —1-2% Of the population Empathize with your child It may be one of them.

Empathists report fatigue, depression, and fear when they do not know how to manage the emotional waves that can hit them every day.I want to protect my children From these types of negative experiences, and if you think your child may have empathic qualities, the way you might even see their empathic features as a gift. Can help them navigate their world.

Foster the best environment

Empathy is often Very sensitive people.. The world around them easily overwhelms them because they are more inspiring than the average person. For parents, “reducing environmental clutter is essential to reducing distractions,” he says. Shana Fabel, Psychiatrist and associate professor at Cincinnati University School of Medicine. She states that “clutter” can include visual, auditory, and texture stimuli.

Your child may prefer neutral colors to bright colors. Fabel suggests that children may want to travel with headphones, earplugs, or white noise, and may prefer soft, loose clothing when it comes to texture.

Empathizers often do not like crowded areas such as grocery stores and indoor playgrounds because they may receive emotional feedback from strangers.If your child is overwhelmed during team sports, they may prefer other activities Downtime after school.

Help them set limits

Empathy often takes more time alone than others, can be introverted, and needs to be alone to charge.For parents who often feel excessive pressureSchedule and over-Socializing their children, this can be a difficult adjustment. Fabel says, “It can be helpful to create and maintain a schedule that limits the amount of responsibility a child must complete in a day so that the child is not overwhelmed.”

As their parents, you can help your child become more assertive.

“Sympaths can easily overstretch themselves because they may not realize they are exhausted or hungry.” Fabel says. “”It is very important to teach them to listen to their body clues so that they can start adjusting themselves from an early age. ”

Teaching your child to say no to things and set boundaries is useful when your child is old and needs to set emotional boundaries with friends and romantic partners. In the same way.

Manage your needs

You are a VIP to your empathy, so your current state affects them. Take care of your own physical and mental health for yourself, yes, and for your child.

“Take the time to support yourself and get others to support you when you need it,” says Fabel. “”This is a long journey, And it’s important to keep yourself healthy for yourself and your empathetic child.. “

Surround yourself with a community of people who love and support you and your children. Your child has great hearts and great emotions, accepts them, and prospers in a circle of family and friends that gives them what they need to be their best and most loving self. To do.

Love them as they are

“Sympaths need more emotional support than the average child.” Fabel says. “”Don’t be afraid you’re ruining them just because you’re taking special care to raise and support them. “

It’s understandable that you might compare your child to other children who can better “trade” with the world, says Fabel. “Understanding your children is essential to raising them.” Fabel says..

How to develop empathy

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