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How to deal with traumatic news images while getting information

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War is hell and we visually remind it from Ukraine every day. Add traumatic events happening in the United States and around the world. There are lots of images and videos that we may come across while chasing the news or scrolling through social media trying to relax.

Some of these images and videos can be upset, but Arash Javabact, a psychiatric professor working with traumatic survivors, often keeps people looking for traumatic images. I noticed. They feel that ignoring these images can be insensitive or inaccessible, He has some tips About handling upset images without feeling that you need to log off completely.

Only once is enough

If you see something traumatic, you don’t have to watch it over and over again. You also don’t have to look from other angles or find out more about what happened. “Your emotional suffering does not reduce the suffering of victims,” ​​Javanbakht writes. conversation.. Instead, consider the amount of information you really need on this subject and stop once you have collected it.

Similarly, if you talk to someone else about what you see, they You may not need a complete description of the atrocities you’ve seen, let alone a link to the video.

Get a break

If you get upset every time you check a news or social media feed, just consider checking according to your schedule. It is not known if you last read the news 6 hours ago. Even when the story is evolving rapidly, you can catch up with everything that happened tomorrow morning.

Looking for positive things and enjoying the good news you find is also OK and healthy. Don’t feel guilty about laughing at memes or celebrating happiness with your friends. These moments are as part of life as the negative moments.

Being there for your child

If you have children, they are likely to see some of the same things you are seeing and they may want to talk. Ask questions and have a conversation regardless of the level they are open to.we have Guide here How to talk to children about current events.

At the same time, don’t forget to learn if children should feel safe from the adults around them. It’s okay to express your feelings, including negative emotions, but be careful if you’re saying more than you’re saying.

Consider asking for help

It is normal human beings to feel sadness, anger, and anxiety when they learn about the suffering of others. Your reaction is realistic and valid without knowing who was affected. Consider doing something to relieve stress. It could be exercise, it could be something like journaling.And if you’re dealing with a lot of stress, maybe it’s time to finally Find a therapist..

How to deal with traumatic news images while getting information

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