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How to crush soft cheese without causing bleeding confusion

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I take wedge salads seriously and treat all ingredients with the respect they deserve. I usually don’t object to bacon bits or crushed blue cheese tubs that I buy in stores, but making a wedge changes everything. I cook and crush bacon, pull some chives out of the yard, and crush the blue cheese I bought from the appropriate cheese counter.

The problem with proper blue cheese such as Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Cambozola is that it doesn’t crumble so well. It causes a big old mess on the chopping board and rubs the chopping board. If you enjoyed goat cheese more, you’ve probably noticed something similar happening when you started crushing nice, fresh cheese. Cooling is effective, but the refrigerator gets very cold.To help crumble soft cheese You should use a freezer, not a smear.

This hint is Cook’s illustration reader And it was released in July /August edition of their print magazine:

She puts the package in the freezer for a few minutes before Sina Monaghan on the Rocky River, Ohio crushes goat cheese logs. Hard cheese crumbles cleanly without bleeding.

The extra cold helps to solidify the fat in the dairy product and keep its shape when crushed with a fork. (Using a fork instead of a finger can also help keep things cool.ands are hot.).

Whether you’re using flashy blue cheese or goat cheese logs, leave them in the freezer for 2-3 minutes to warm the cheese a little into the salad. Fruit plate, or something else Before eating. Cheese may crumble best when cooled, but it tastes best at room temperature. (And taste is always my main concern.)

How to crush soft cheese without causing bleeding confusion

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