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How to create a Spotify “iceberg”

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Let’s be honest: OThe reason I like to share Spotify listening data is because of competition.There are useful apps Show off your eclectic library or prove that your band has the highest percentage of listenersBut now you can see the depth of your ambiguous music tasThanks to the Icebergify web app, you can create Spotify Iceberg.

Spotify Iceberg borrows the “Iceberg Theory” meme format commonly used on social media.eddit, and a YouTube video showing how deep a particular topic is. Lesser or very specific information is displayed further down the image. The Icebergify web app does the same for Spotify’s listening history, ranking the bands you’re listening to in order of popularity. The deeper the iceberg formation, the less clear the band or artist.

And, as we all know, there’s nothing more like proving that music geeks are listening to the most hidden gems that no one else knows.

How to create and share your own Spotify Iceberg

  1. Open the Icebergify website On your mobile phone or desktop browser.
  2. click “Create yours” Then sign in with your Spotify account.
  3. When prompted, give the app permission to read your listening history. Please note that Icebergify is a third party app created by Independent web developer Akshay Raj, Means not officially affiliated with Spotify. The app only scrapes your listening data (Spotify usually collects and shares it with your advertising partners, Unless turned off). However, if you don’t want to share your listening history with others, you should skip Spotify Iceberg.
  4. After allowing the app to view your listening history, wait for a while until the data is collected and turned into an iceberg.I noticed that the app sometimes returns “500 internal error” It’s a page, but if that happens, refresh it and try again (it may take a few attempts to work). Also note that the blank section means that you don’t listen to that popular band.

Once Spotify Iceberg is complete, you can copy and save the image, take a screenshot and share it with your friends and followers.


How to create a Spotify “iceberg”

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