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How to convince tech companies to make small smartphones

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parallel In the old days, smartphones were small. It’s really small Previously, such devices needed to fit snugly in the hand, so I could use it to do everything I needed to do. that’s all Your thumb. They csurely Don’t make them like they used to.

In 2022Most “small” smartphones are still huge, and sports screens are almost twice the size of previous smartphones. Even Apple Have Manufacture “mini” iPhone For the past two years We plan to throw away the form factor in the iPhone 14 lineup this fall..

The world is Apparently Not everyone wants to move away from smaller smartphones..Delve into enough technology If you open the forum, you’ll find that users are dissatisfied with the lack of small smartphones on the market, especially in the Android world.Many customers obviously love them, On larger screens, there are certainly (or will) people’s submarkets You can send, watch, and enjoy games on your mobile phone that fits easily in your hand. One of those people is Eric Migicovsky.

Migicovsky is best known for getting started PebblesA smartwatch company that was proud of at that time The most funded project in Kickstarter history..Pebbles finally Sold to Fitbit, but Migikovsky I’m trying to make a wave again, Push a new chat app called Beeper Make in collaboration with Inspiring tech companies, all tech companies, A small smartphone.

Launched by the founder of Pebble smallandroidphone.comwebsite r onlyRevival A small phone.Why he wants Small phone Probably similar to them Someone else: He just likes it that way. Migicovsky says he didn’t like the feeling of a big phone. He’s a tall guy, but a compact phone is always more comfortable to use.

Migicovsky is looking for four important things from a small phone. Screens smaller than 6 inches.Design profile Almost the same Size and quality iPhone 13; Great camera. And stock Android OS (sorry Apple fan).Oddly enough, to repair his little phone, Migicovsky actually uses the iPhone 13, but doesn’t like iOS compared to Android... He cares so much.

Here’s his list of features that this new little phone “has”:

  • Get as close as possible to the mini industrial design
  • Consistently wide bezel around the entire display
  • 5.4 inch-like 1080p OLED display (60hz ok)
  • The camera should be as good as the Pixel 5 and should have good low light performance
  • Stock Android OS
  • Snapdragon 8 (or any other flagship processor equivalent)
  • 5G world phone
  • Hole punch front camera
  • Two rear cameras (regular and wide-angle)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128 / 256GB storage
  • 4 hours screen on time (SOT)
  • Unlockable boot loader
  • NFC

There is also a short list of “good to have” features, Not strict In his opinion, it is necessary:

  • Sturdy enough not to require a case
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Fingerprint sensor for power button
  • Hardware mute switch
  • Wireless charging
  • eSIM

If you want to use most or all of that wishlist, consider signing a Migicovsky petition. He wants to collect at least 50,000 signatures and is trying to “integrate” a community of small phone enthusiasts. There is still a market for smartphones of this size to present to tech companies as proof.in the meantime Verge’s Mitchell Clark is skeptical Migicovsky’s plans are sufficient to run a technology company to make such a small device, which is a noble reason.After all, it’s two techniques because Clark and I both signed this petition. At least who the writer I want to see this happen.

As Clark points outThere are many hurdles here.. The first is the manufacturing crisis we are facing. Large companies that manufacture established products are struggling to meet demand and have less room to offer niche products.Second, it’s unlikely to be huge The company See the benefits of manufacturing such a device, especially if it seems that Apple itself couldn’t get it to work. Third, 2022 small phones are difficult to balance: Today’s Today’s chips are powerful and 5G connection is standard.. Both tHose stuff puts a strain on battery life, and a small phone means less space for the battery.. The The iPhone 12 mini was further criticized for its short battery lifeSo, companies looking to make modern smartphones Scale needs to be understood how Manage all those moving parts. ((((Migicovsky suggests Thicken the phone until the battery is big enough, and in the meantime mMost of us don’t necessary It’s as thin as an Apple mini, but you probably don’t want to turn it too far in the other direction. )

As of Friday morning, Migicovsky’s petition 20,000 signaturesShow there teeth Interest in this type of product.There are many ways he can go before reaching that 50,000 goal I still have questions to answer, but I’m on board..I want to be able to use it A small phone that meets today’s standards. If you feel the same, sign the petition and get one vote closer to 50,000.

How to convince tech companies to make small smartphones

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