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How to control your Mac with your voice alone

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Overall, Apple Take the technique Take accessibility seriously.Their most visible effort is iPhone features Similar to voice control, but rarely limited to iOS and iPad OS.Although accessibility features are being developed to help people With physical disability, macOS users can also access various accessibility features. computer Easy to use for everyone.

Make it easier to see

You’re probably looking at your Mac screen for hours every day, which isn’t good for your eyes, strictly speaking..Thankfully, these accessibility tweaks Helps relieve eye strain..

invite System Preferences >> >> Accessibility >> >> screenThen try the following features:

  • Reduce transparency: This removes the blurry menu bar and other sophisticated elements, making it more specific and easier to see.
  • Increase the contrast: Another useful feature that removes ambiguity from your Mac interface. The button is clearly marked as a button using an outline.
  • Invert colors: A ruthless version of dark mode that turns white into black It goes from black to white to make the media and text easier to see (it doesn’t work if Dark Mode is enabled).
  • Pointer: From this section, you can change the color of the mouse pointer to make it easier to see.
  • Color filter: This tab has several different color filters that you can apply. Grayscale filters make everything on the screen black and white. This is useful in the following cases: Trying to reduce screen time..

Zoom in on the text (or other)

The MacBook display is super high resolution.That’s great, but by default it also means that some elements are too small to be seen clearly unless you have perfect vision... You can enlarge everything on the screen by accessing the following URL: System Preferences >> >> display.. here,”Large textUse the option, or the unlabeled option next to it, to enlarge the text and interface.

However, you want to enlarge only the document or image. Sometimes. That’s where the Mac zoom feature comes in. System Preferences >> >> Accessibility >> >> zoomZoom using keyboard shortcuts“Features. Use now option + Instructions + Equal Enlarge the screen. “= =Hold down the button and hold down the other keys to continue zoning. Use option + Instructions + minus To zoom back out.

To zoom in with the mouse or trackpad, clickZoom using scroll gestures with modifier keys.. Hold down Control You can now use mouse or trackpad scrolling as a zoom feature.

By default, your Mac zooms in on the entire screen, but you can change it to “picture-in-picture mode” or “split screen.”Zoom style“” Dropdown for zoom function settings.

Use a built-in screen reader

Most of your time is spent looking at the text on your screen, but what if you ask your Mac to read things instead?Move to system Environmental setting >> >> Accessibility >> >> Audio contentSpeak choice“Options. Then,”optionUse the “next to” button setting. By default, the keyboard shortcuts for triggering this feature are: option + escapeHowever, you can change it as you like. From here you can also change the color of the highlights.

To use this feature, highlight the text you want to read ( Instructions + A Shortcut to select all the text on the page). next, option + escape Keyboard shortcuts for listening to text.Similar to Works on iPhone..

If you are looking for a solution With Apple’s voiceover feature, which is a bit more advanced, you can hear everything you see on your screen and give you the option to use your keyboard.Move to System Preferences >> >> Accessibility >> >> Voice over >> >> Enable VoiceOver..Worth to go As an implementation through the quick start guide This feature can be a bit confusing..

Do not dictate and type

Motor problem or RSI? We can all benefit from moving away from the keyboard. With the dictation feature on your Mac, you can type using voice and it works amazingly well.

To enable System Preferences> Keyboard> Dictation Make sure the feature is turned on. Then look at the “Shortcuts” dropdown and change it to the one that works best for you.

Then go to any text field and use the keyboard shortcutWait for the dictation icon to appear.. When you start talking, your Mac will convert the voice to text.

Control everything on your Mac with voice control

YYou can actually Taken All controls on Mac Use only your voice.Voice control is a deeply integrated feature that works in all apps..Once enabled, you can achieve it using it Everything you can do with your keyboard and mouse, including reading and writing textButton clicks, document scrolling, etc.

Move to System Preferences >> >> Accessibility >> >> Voice control >> >> Enable voice control To get started. Follow the setup process to select and download the language. Next, tell SiriTurn on voice controlClick to enter voice control mode. You can also ask Siri to turn off voice control.

When you enable this feature, you will see a small microphone icon. STart speaking Commands such as “Open Mail”, “Scroll Down”, “Click Complete” and voice control functions execute them. For you. For more control, you can select the menu next to Overlay and select from Item Number or Item Grid. This puts numbers or grids across the screen, telling your Mac to work with specific numbers or grid sections to make finer adjustments. Accurate experience.

Enter in Siri

Siri is useful on the Mac, but sometimes you don’t want to ask a loud question. If you want to ask your digital assistant something private, enable Type to Siri.go to Enable System Preferences> Siri> Type for Siri.. Now, every time you activate Siri, you’ll see a text box where you can enter your question.

How to control your Mac with your voice alone

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