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How to close a painted window

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If the window has been closed for years or longer Long winters – it’s normal to get a little stuck when you try to open it again. But sometimes it takes an extra muscle to get some fresh air.

In most cases the window was not closed intentionally. It tends to be the result of lazy or careless painting work. Luckily, there is an easy way to break the paint seal and reopen the window. Here’s what you should know:

How to open closed windows in paint

Before proceeding, check (or double check) that the window is not open due to being locked or nailed shut. Also, if your home was built before his 1978, the paint on your windows (and elsewhere) is more likely to contain lead. So take all necessary precautions.RGloves and eye protection should be worn for this project, regardless of how old the house or building is.

So, using a putty knife (or a specialized window opener tool that is a paper-thin, serrated stainless steel blade), sashes (moving frames that hold the panes of glass in place) and stoppers (inside the top and bottom sash channels). end). Slide it around while keeping the blade flat.

Multiple cuts may be required along each side of each sash. reach the point Approximately 1/2 inch of blade You can pass freely around the sash.at that stageyou should be able to open the window.

In some cases, the windows are closed on both the outside and the inside, so if releasing one side does not open the window, repeat the process on the other side if possible.

When the window reaches a place where it is easy to open and close, sprinkle with talcum powder Apply lubricant to the window channel and sash.

How to close a painted window

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