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How to clean backpacks, canvas bags and totes without messing them up

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Think about all the places you (or a member of your family) put your backpack or other bag while on the go. You may come into contact with others. In other words, they can get pretty gross.

Here’s how to clean your backpack, canvas bag, or other tote bag without messing it up.

how to wash a backpack

Before washing backpacks etc. For bags, check the label for instructions from the manufacturer.Generally speaking, most polyester and nylon bags are machine washable (although most outdoor supply stores REI recommends against it). However, while hand washing may be the safest option, not everyone has the time to do so.

Luckily, there are instructions that allow you to wash your backpack in the washing machine without ruining it.these are include:

  • Decompressing and empty all compartments
  • use An enzymatic stain remover that spots the most dirty areas of your backpack
  • putting put it in a protective laundry bag
  • wash Use cold water with a delicate or gentle wash cycle
  • Natural drying

How to wash canvas and cotton tote bags

Canvas and cotton totes, which you might find stuffed in your closet or car boot right now, can be washed in the washing machine in the same way as the backpacks above.the bag Pretty wrinkled once they are dry. If it bothers you, iron it.

How to wash a leather bag

Leather backpacks, totes, and other bags are not machine washable. pretty easy to cleanStart by emptying the pocket and use a brush or small vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt, crumbs, or other debris inside.

So Wipe the outside of the bag with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Next, wash the outside of the bag with a leather cleaner or warm water with a little soap. If you choose soapy water, immediately towel dry the bag.

How to clean backpacks, canvas bags and totes without messing them up

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