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How to choose a group vacation without jerk

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Group travel is a dream come true. Never forget the memories of taking a walk on the beach or exploring a new city with family, friends and partners.But before you can get to that dreamy vacation place, or start Plan at Your ultimate travel spreadsheetYou have to overcome the headache of deciding where to actually go.

Vacations sound luxurious in theory, but the work required to rally groups from point A to point B can strain relationships. I want to throw darts on the map and buy plan tickets based on romantic spontaneity, but the reality of group decision making is more tense. Here’s how to choose a group vacation without becoming a dislike.

Group decisions are always difficult

There is no shortage of hacks to improve your decision-making skills.I have 37% rule for making decisionsAnd a guide Make a better decision in general..Unfortunately, group dynamics throws them Classic hacks windows.

Before jumping into the gist of a place or accommodation, you need to evaluate the group you are traveling with.Pull you have Of course, it depends on your role within that Group, and tAt his pre-planning stage, he needs to understand all the different forms that a dislike can take.

To be clear, over-controlled and noisy people can quickly become group dislikes. however, that too “Low maintenance. “If you’re so calm that you don’t speak or contribute to the group’s decisions at all, it’s difficult to do the same. You can put the decision-making burden on everyone else. , Have become another kind of dislike.

As explained in Harvard Business ReviewMaking decisions as a group creates everyone’s desire to minimize objections and maintain harmony. This can lead to less than ideal results compared to the case where everyone can choose as an individual. With this knowledge in mind, our hack is to find a way to collect and evaluate the individual opinions of everyone so that no one is overly shaken in either direction.

Below, we analyze all the different determinants of planning a vacation. So that you can understand what kind of individual opinions should be gathered in the first place.

Consider a trading breaker for your vacation destination

Not everyone cares about the same details on vacation, and not everyone gives them the same priority. There are several factors for ranking individually. We hope to clarify our decision-making as a group. It makes sense to start with a major deal breaker. This will help you narrow down your options.

  • position.. How far can I travel? What kind of weather is nice? What about the overall experience: one wants a relaxing vacation, another wants a challenging culture shock?
  • budget.. This is one of the most useful ways to completely eliminate expensive options.
  • Lodging.. Is the hostel out of the question? Is it possible to rent an entire beach house?Consider investigating The best alternative to Airbnb..
  • COVID safety.. If someone isn’t used to flying, your vacation should be within driving distance.
  • Time commitment.. How long do you stay abroad when booking an international flight? If selected, can some people work remotely? What is the time limit you want to impose on people?

After a major deal breaker, start working on all the little things like food, photography opportunities, specific attractions, and more. All of these hold different amounts of agitation from person to person.Do your research on what you want to experience before you come In a group..

How to collect and compare everyone’s opinions

Now that we have a list of determinants, we need a way to collect and evaluate everyone’s opinions. Third party voting app, Like a Doodle vote Also Google FormsAn easy way to collect and organize everyone’s thoughts. In addition to voting, you can Create a tournament bracket Line up all the different destination options directly until the winner appears. Group consensus can also be reached if “voting” is group dynamic and does not make sense. Shared wish list..This is a DIY collaborative document or Travel spreadsheet Everyone has access to edit and add their input.

Try online templates and re-plan

It can be difficult to make a decision when everything feels distant and abstract. You may need to start planning your logistics to understand what your travel priorities really are. If you want to plan and make big decisions along the way, we recommend the following online travel tools:

  • Johnny AfricaIncludes a great description of Google Sheets and itinerary templates
  • Travel switchSimilar to the above, but contains Excel-specific tips
  • Travel mapper, Google add-ons with out-of-the-box customizable templates

For other apps to stay organized, TripIt, TripifyWhen Wonder log..

Get the decision in sight

Vacations can be a big lift in terms of your time and money. yet, It doesn’t change the course of your life. You don’t want to paralyze yourself with a wealth of choices, otherwise you will never leave your home.

The best analogy for lowering group vacation stakes: Treat as follows: The quarrel to solve “Where should I eat?”.. For example, you can save a lot of work by getting everyone involved to get rid of things that are “sick.” Other guidelines for further narrowing down your options:

  • Consider each other’s travel goals. Are you trying to relax or go on an adventure? Would you like to experience a new culture? Do you treat yourself peacefully and quietly?
  • Consider each other’s travel restrictions: How far do people go? When you get there, how about transportation? Let’s look back at the time and money limits from the first shared document.
  • Think ahead: Use the power of visualization. Imagine yourself After your vacation, look back and listen to your intuition about how you feel about it.

It’s very easy to spend months with the idea of ​​a big family trip, but just realizing that I’ve never committed to my dream destination, it’s September now, like I missed a shot during the summer vacation. I feel it. A little perspective can help you make a leap and simply make a decision and ultimately act on it. A journey of happiness.

How to choose a group vacation without jerk

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