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How to Check Wifi Password on Mac and PC

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Wi-Fi passwords are a force both desired and feared. Everyone wants to know it, but if you forget it, you’re in toast. It’s not clear why Microsoft and Apple are making it harder to find Wi-Fi passwords on Windows and Mac (this is valuable After all, information). But don’t worry, you can use those passwords if you’re ready to click a few menus.

Computers aren’t the only ones hiding Wi-Fi passwords: You can also View these passwords on iPhone and Android devices likewise. The next time someone asks for Wi-Fi, you can help as long as one of your devices is connected to Wi-Fi.

How to find your Wi-Fi password in Windows

Microsoft hides Wi-Fi passwords behind various settings screens. But the way to get there is Varies slightly by platform. If you are running Windows 11, starttype Control panelthen go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. If you are using Windows 10, startthen go to Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network and Sharing Center.

From here, on any platform, click the specific Wi-Fi connection next to it. connection,after that, Wi-Fi statusclick wireless properties. safety tab, Show characters the box is checked. Once that’s done, you’ll see your network password. you can’tshare with friends Or write it down and put it in the fridge.

How to find your Wi-Fi password Mac

Apple does things a little differently than Windows does. It doesn’t always show the password of the network you’re currently connected to.MeInstead, the OS saves each Wi-Fi password you connect to your device’s keychain so you can access it anytime, anywhere.You can share your old apartment wifi password to your subletter or spill that coffee shop code For real I don’t like handing out Wi-Fi.

To find it, open Keychain Access on your Mac (the easiest way is command + space). Enter your Wi-Fi network name in the search bar and click the network when it appears in the list.With the network highlighted, click the (i) at the top of the window or right-click the network and select get infoClick the checkbox next to show passwordEnter your Mac login information passwordand Keychain Access will in turn reveal the wifi password.

How to Check Wifi Password on Mac and PC

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