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How to check if someone paid for Twitter verification

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Twitter is currently on fire. The company, owned and CEO by Elon Musk, has changed many of the rules and regulations that users (and advertisers) have come to expect from its platform. But the latest drama is about Twitter verification, taking a toll on our ability to tell which accounts are real and which are fake.

Twitter’s “blue check mark” was more than just a status symbol. Twitter’s verification process served as a means of identification. For example, if a blue check appeared next to a politician’s account, we knew the account was official and not an impersonation. Before I received my blue check, I had to scrutinize my account to prove both its identity and its notability, which is a good thing.

However, under Musk’s direction, anyone can purchase Blue Checks by subscribing to Twitter Blue for $8 a month. Since the change, it has been difficult to identify legitimate users. In fact, Twitter Blue subscribers use the system to pull off pranksNintendo of America, President Biden, and of course Elon Musk himself.

Twitter HQ has no doubt found solutions to these problems, but there’s a small problem we all have to deal with: whether the account is actually authenticated, or whether the user checks through Twitter Blue. How can I tell if I just bought the mark? Even if the account in question isn’t using this checkmark for any unauthorized or malicious use, it’s confusing and makes some accounts more likely than they really are. It makes you look important or official.

Twitter’s built-in solution for identifying verified accounts

Twitter initially rolled out a new white checkmark for verified accounts, under the user’s name (would two checkmarks be better than one?). but, Musk ‘killed’ that plan almost immediatelyAgain, the site is in flames.

now The only built-in way to know if a Twitter account is authenticated or a subscriber is by clicking or tapping on the account itself. Once on that page, you can click or tap the check mark to see one of her two messages below.

  • This account is verified because it is featured in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category.
  • This account is registered with Twitter Blue and has been verified.

The message is very clear. If someone is really verified you will see the first message, but if you only subscribe to Twitter Blue you will see his second message. However, if you want to know the verification status of your account as you scroll through your feed, this solution is not suitable. Who wants to click and check all accounts?

However, if you are using Google Chrome, the extension “eight dollars’ Do what Twitter doesn’t do. Once installed, the blue check will be replaced with one of two new badges that say “actually verified” or “paid for verification”.

Image from article titled How to tell if someone paid for Twitter Verification

To get started, open Chrome and type chrome://extensions into the URL bar and press Enter.turn on developer mode Toggle, then add the extension to Github link here. Then unzip the folder and Loaded unpacked Click the button and select a new folder. check mMake sure Eight Dollars is enabled on your Chrome extensions page.

[XDA Developers]

How to check if someone paid for Twitter verification

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