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How to check if an image occupies Google Photos storage

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Storage management bits and pieces, Regardless of context. Google Photos is no exception. The service used to allow unlimited photo backups, but Google now counts all new photos and videos against your overall storage limit, regardless of quality. This causes problems for all users, especially for users in Google’s free storage tier. Google’s free storage tier offers only 15GB for all of the company’s many services.

On top of that, Google’s legacy policy means that it can be difficult to know which photos and videos are occupying space in your account and which aren’t. Until June 2021, photos and videos stored in “high quality” rather than “original quality” were not counted in your account’s overall storage limits.As long as you are okay Image quality is degraded ( It wasn’t as good a hit as Google rang it) You can save as many of these images as you like.

Recently, Google Photos counts all bytes of uploaded data. When you reach the free 15 GB limit, you’re done. And that applies to all of Google’s services: Google Drive and Gmail. You will miss your email because there are too many photos stored in Google Photos.

If Google warns you that you’re about to reach that limit, you can use storage management tools to remove large items. However, this is not always the perfect solution. Your favorite photos and videos take up the most space and you may not want to remove them from your account. It may be easier to scroll through your photo library to remove images that you quickly find unnecessary or unnecessary.

Of course, as mentioned above, it’s difficult to know if those photos and videos are actively using storage. That’s why Google’s new “backup” feature is very useful. It just tells you if the image is using the storage space of your Google account.Company Introduced the function quietly Google Photos web app on your desktopphotos.google.com), And its iOS app.

How to check if an image is using Google Photos storage

This “backed up” indicator is in the information menu ((i) button) for a particular image. This is the last item in the list, under “Upload From”, which indicates whether the image was saved as “Storage Saver” (high quality) or “Original Quality”. Whether you used an older Pixel device or a high-quality option that was free at the time, if your image was uploaded as part of Google’s free backup date, you’ll see something like this: “This item does not occupy space in your account. Storage.” Otherwise, this message will not be displayed and the file size of the image will be displayed instead.

Google Photos now omits file sizes for images that don’t use storage. This is a bit backwards. Even if your photos and videos don’t use Google Photos storage, it’s useful information to know. If you want to download that file size, especially it to your phone, tablet, or computer.

This feature is still deployed in your account, so if you don’t see it yet, please wait a moment. However, it does not indicate when this feature will be applied to Android devices. This is because it is only detected on iOS and the web.


How to check if an image occupies Google Photos storage

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