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How to check for fraudulent credit card charges

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Viewing your credit card statement If you don’t see a strange purchase amount or company name, in the best case scenario you may have forgotten what you purchased, and in the worst case your card number may have been stolen. frequent, mysterious card charges appearing under forgotten recurring payments (such as subscriptions), valid (but surprising) charges, or merchant names that don’t match the business you purchased from, such as parent companies or payment processors This is the line that will be . Example: TST* probably Refers to Toast, a POS system used by many restaurants. A less frequent but more serious problem is when the billing is erroneous or simply fraudulent. Here’s how to understand this and what to do about fraudulent charges.

Using WhatsThatCharge Decipher a mysterious credit card charge

First, check your credit card and bank statements from time to time for suspicious charges. If you find something unfamiliar, start by remembering what you were doing around his day or two when you bought it. You may simply forget that you bought a coffee or ordered something online.

Other places to check are recurring subscription payments (such as APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL) and similar charges that may indicate fees, and your account, whether joint or not. Go back through your statement history for similar charges with someone else authorized to use A member of a family plan linked to a user or card.

If that doesn’t work, copy the entire line item to Google to see if someone else has investigated the charge and identified the business or payment processing service. whatsThatCharge.com is a crowdsourced credit card billing database where you may find more information. From there, the next step is to call your card issuer to clarify the charge. They may be able to look into the merchant on their side.

How to report credit card fraud

If, after investigation, you believe the charge on your card is fraudulent, you should initiate the charge process with your card issuer. This can usually be done by calling the phone number on the back of your card or through your online account.

The card issuer cancels the existing credit card and issues a new credit card.You are No liability over $50 Also, there is no charge after reporting a fraudulent purchase. Also, some credit cards have additional liability protections in case of fraud.

this is different from conflict, which can fix billing errors such as being overcharged or being charged multiple times for the same purchase.Conflict in general Must be submitted within 60 days of the claim being made.

How to check for fraudulent credit card charges

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