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How to change the color of hydrangea

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I love your hydrangea, but want to see what it looks like in a different color?Depending on the variety, you You may be able to change the color yourself.. Here’s what you need to know:

Not all hydrangeas can change color

Before moving on, it should be mentioned that not all hydrangeas can change color.The Those with this ability Includes some Bigleaf Hydrangea (H. Macrophila) —Especially Mophead and Lacecap types — and H. Serrata Cultivar. And while these varieties of pink and blue hydrangea can change color, those with white flowers cannot.

How hydrangea Change the color?

The Recommended by Farmers’ Almanac Wait until the hydrangea plant is at least 2 years old before trying to change the color of the flowers. It is also important to remember that the color change does not occur immediately. It usually takes weeks or months for the deformation to occur.

The color of the hydrangea The amount of aluminum that plants can absorb from the soil— And it depends on the pH of the soil.

Low pH soil makes it easier for plants to absorb aluminum, Usually make the flowers blue. On the other hand, in high pH soils, plants have less access to aluminum. This usually means that the flowers turn pink.

How to change the color of hydrangea

First you need to Test the pH of the soil.. Also, have aluminum sulfate handy. Here’s what to do next:

How to turn a pink flower into a blue flower

To go from Pink to blue flowers, Increases the acidity of the soil. To do this, apply the 1⁄4- solution.An ounce of aluminum sulphate per gallon of water, It starts in spring three times a year.

Repeat this process after 3-4 weeks, then repeat again after 3-4 weeks.Even when using aluminum sulfate solution in the spring Apply 25-5-30 fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to turn a blue flower into a pink flower

To go from Blue to pink flowers, Increases the alkalinity of the soil. To do this, spread the crushed limestone (dolomite lime) in a ratio of 4. Pounds per 100 square feet in spring or autumn, and make sure it gets enough water. At the same time, put 25-10-10 fertilizer on the plant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, if you have water with a high mineral content (also called hard water), it helps to make the blue flowers pink.

How to change the color of hydrangea

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