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How to camp with your partner and have fun

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It’s summer, so of course you’re looking for fun outdoors with your partner. And cAn amplifier is one of the entertainments that not only goes out, but also provides time and space. Deeply connected each other..But the camp Also One of the activities that can quickly go sideways (Mother Nature does not take prisoners).Whether you are a veteran outdoor expert or a complete one Beginners, it’s important to put some thoughts into the first camping trip you take With your partner.

Both determine the type of camping trip you want

“You can camp If you’re not ready, try it. So, first and foremost, make sure you choose a campsite that suits both needs and has all the equipment you need. ” Founder of Becky Moore GlobalGrasshopperAward-winning blogs and resources for independent travelers.. “First, make sure both are on the same page about what you want to do on your trip. Discuss the activity you want to do, the type of camping experience you want, and the time you want to spend outdoors.”

for example, A lot of trips Hiking and cycling are very different from traveling full of laid back At the campsite.. Or’s why Sara Melancon, Sociologists and sexologists say it’s important to share concerns, whether in camps in general or in camps. together..

“When we put fear on the table, they can be opportunities for connections and problem-solving.”

Divide the task between you

There’s a lot involved in camping, From packing to setting up a campsite and cooking. These activities are not only necessary for the camping experience, but also help couples build and connect with each other before and during the camp. trip.

“All of this is an opportunity to communicate about what you are aiming to get out of the camp together and work together as a team,” says Melancon. “By deliberately creating a great experience together, you can feel intimate at all stages.bWhen thinking about memories before, during, and after. “

For example, you can alternate between cooking and cleaning. Or someone sets up a tent and the other sets a fire. When splitting tasks, Moore says it’s wise to take into account past experience and be able to plan who approaches what and how to experience as a team.

“One way experienced campers can help beginner campers enjoy their camping experience is to share their knowledge and expertise,” she says. “”They can give you tips on how to set up a campsite, what to pack, how to cook food on a campfire, and how to enjoy the outdoor environment the most. They also provide encouragement and support to help beginner campers feel comfortable and confident in their abilities. “

Give your partner the benefit of doubt

Things will be wild and a little raging. In other words, some things don’t go as planned. You may be a little lost. Your partner may burn a supper. “Frustration is common in new and different experiences,” says Melancon. “The challenge with the camp is that your typical method of self-sedation may not be available.” If a problem arises, she suggests taking a break and when you reconnect, she Encourages to see these challenges as opportunities to approach each other.

“When camping with a couple, it’s only you and the wilderness. In this environment, the general method of problem solving can be more difficult,” she says. “This means you need to be creative. It causes the release of oxytocin and promotes binding, especially when you and your partner have a positive experience of problem solving, especially in new environments. There is likely to be.”

Take the time to have a special experience

Remember why you are camping in the first place —To connect and enjoy each other’s companies. So don’t forget to plan what you want to experience during the day and night to make it special. “Camping is a fun and affordable way for couples to spend time together,” says Moore. “There are a variety of activities for couples to enjoy during the camp, such as hiking, biking, fishing and canoeing. Set up your campsite properly, cook dinner together at the campfire and spend some time watching the stars together in the night sky. For example, camping can be a very romantic experience. “

And if you start seeing your partner in a new light thanks to your new environment, Melancon says it’s a good thing. “”[This new experience] We can make our partners look even more attractive, “she says. “This reflects her view of relationship therapist Esther Perel (in her book). Copulation in captivity) When we consider our partners to be separate from ourselves and our daily expectations, we feel more desire for our partners. Travel and camping bring new and different situations that allow us to be amazed and intrigued by our partners. Therefore, it helps us to feel greater desire and chemistry. “

How to camp with your partner and have fun

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