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How to build your own “smokeless” fire pit

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Fire pits are often considered It’s a fascinating part of outdoor space, but the smoke they produce can be unattractive. Reducing the amount of smoke improves the quality of the night around the fire, whether the odor left on the coat or hair is annoying, or the person who always appears to be sitting in the place where the wind blows. I can. AThere is no such thing as a completely smokeless fire, so-The so-called “smokeless” fire pit use double-A chamber system for fuel combustion that emits significantly less smoke.

how Smokeless fire pit work??

AsThe work of the smokeless fire pit is done by circulating air in a double-walled container that can incorporate fire. First devised by the people of DakotaThis simple and original engineering trick can be mimicked in modern fire pit designs by modifying existing backyard pits or building new ones.

The air heats up as it passes through the outer walls, burning more fuel at this high temperature, resulting in less residue, ash, and smoke emissions. The disadvantage is that hot fires tend to send heat upwards rather than outwards, so they do not have as much radiant heat as traditional fire pits. But IThere are still dancing flames and warm lightAnd you will still feel some fever fire.

What are you Need to make a smokeless fire pit

This project requires the following:

  • AWith a drill Metal drill bit
  • EMetal ring or 20-q existing fire pituart and 16-Quart pot (plus) 20 lids-Quarts pot).
  • A Jigsaw With Metal blade
  • A Rugged pair Metal scissors or grinder ((((To build a new smokeless fire pit without a stone structure)
  • A Metal file ((((To blunt the ends of your holes and cut metal pieces)
  • A Heavy pair Metalworking gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Ear protection

How to change Existing traditional fire pit

For existing pits To remove Because it spreads the metal ring and base from the pit It’s about an inch from the outside of the metal fire pit ring. Enough space for your fingers to fit between the outer wall of the pit and the ring is enough for the air to move outside the pit.

After laying the first layer of stone or brickMust be created Some space that allows air to flow into the gap. Some people gap their stones at the base to make an intake around every foot or so around your pit. If you are using bricks, you can use half-brick with spaces on both sides for each second or third brick. Then you can rebuild the outer wall of the fire pit without any gaps.

Then you need to drill Hole Fire pit ring. Drill holes in all feet using a drill and a metal drill bit. About 1 inch from the top of the metal ring.Safety equipment should be used on this part to prevent Metal shards.. Use the file to smooth the edges of the drilled holes and remove any remaining thorns. PReturn the ring to the fire pit. Now you are ready to go.

How to build New smokeless fire pit

To build a new metal smokeless fire pit Take your 20 lids-Quart the pot and use the bottom of a small pot to trace the center circle under the lid with an oil-based pen. Wear safety equipment, Cut off grinder blades, drills, And metal blade jigsaw puzzles (Or a drill and metal scissors) Cut out the middle of the lid of the larger pot. Use a file to smooth the edges of the holes. The smaller pot nests in the lid of the larger pot, leaving a gap of about 1 inch between the two.

Next, make holes every 3 inches. 1 inch from the top of the smaller pot and 1 inch from the bottom of the larger pot. Use a metal file to remove the thorns and smooth the edges of the holes. Then combine the two pots to create a small smokeless stove. When using the stove, do not place the stove on a heat-sensitive surface. That way, there will be no fire outside the pit.

This method works with any pair of containers of similar proportions in size 20-. ~ 16-Quart ratio. For larger models, the metal trash can works, In the same way.

How to build your own “smokeless” fire pit

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