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How to break the cycle of fighting with your partner via text

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Communication is the key to a strong relationship, but does it matter how it’s done? While sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner via text message may be better than not expressing them at all. , many people relationship expert When therapist Insist that serious discussions are best left for face-to-face discussions.

But if you and your partner that’s all Do you hash things via text? If this is a habit you want to curb, there are ways to break that cycle.

Are Arguments Over Text Always Bad for Relationships?

Really it depends. Every relationship is different, as is the situation that sparked the debate. On the one hand, arguing via text has advantages such as giving each person a chance to cool down and collect their thoughts before responding.

But generally speaking, you can do a lot lost in translation If conveyed via text, such as facial expressions or tone of voice, it is before entering a conversation Punctuation Complexity.

How to stop fighting your partner over text

If you and your partner are arguing over text only and you want to change that, here are some strategies for breaking that cycle:

Set boundaries and send texts

The next time you notice your text conversation becoming aggressive, reply (via text) to your partner and let them know you’d like to discuss this face-to-face.

Not sure how to do that? Here is a sample her text that you can use her Jasbina Ahluwalia who is an expert and matchmaker in that relationship. Shared with Elite Daily:

“Thank you for your text. I hope that by speaking this directly, I can better understand your point of view and share mine. When can you do that? I love you.'”

answer the phone

Or, when it becomes clear that you’re on the brink of an email fight, stop responding to emails. call your partner instead Let them know you’d like to continue the conversation in person (or over the phone).

Schedule regular chat times

Schedule regular chats with your partner instead of texting when something comes up. discuss. This way, get into the habit of cleaning the air Avoid the anxiety associated with receiving (or sending) a sudden “I need to talk” text when something happens.

How to break the cycle of fighting with your partner via text

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