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How to benefit from meditation even if you are not good at it

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Despite always hearing about everything advantage,difficult Actually go into meditation..many A person trying to meditate It feels like they have failed. I am one of them. What does it mean to “cleanse the mind”? That’s where I keep all my thoughts!

At first I chalked it to that fact Mindfulness meditation It wasn’t suitable for me. I thought it was a special ball of anxiety that I couldn’t calm down. Fortunately, some of my equally worried but much more enlightened friends shared with me how to reconstruct their practice. And let me tell you. Meditation can be much more relaxing if you let go of the notion that there is only one right way to do it. This is your way, that too, You can overcome the mental block of failing in meditation.

Reconstruct how meditation is “assumed” to feel

Every time I tried to start meditation, I faced the same challenge. I think I’m supposed to think nothing. Of course, it leads me to think about everything.

The secret to starting meditation is to move away from the goal of cleansing the mind and reconstruct the practice towards the goal of “witnessing” thoughts. For most of us, the “don’t think” instruction is wasteful and stressful. Instead, a more practical approach is to accept and accept the ideas that come to mind.

The challenge is to settle down and move your thoughts in and out without evoking strong emotional reactions. In this sense, Very Well Mind He points out that meditation can be used to “choose actions more wisely” because one can pay attention to one’s thoughts without disturbing the feelings of the rash.

The point here is that the goal of meditation does not have to be to “empty the mind.” As long as you focus on your thoughts and pay attention to them as objectively as possible You can count that As a practice of your mindfulness of the day.

Don’t be discouraged: meditation is like muscle

Meditation is more like training than relieving stress quickly. And when you first start a new training regime, you will feel a little pain. The only way to overcome the pain is to continue practicing consistently. Look at meditation as a muscle. It may not work at first, because you haven’t worked yet.

Meditation is easy, but you need to move on from the idea that something is failing. If you are appearing to hear your thoughts, you should count it as a meditation victory.

How to benefit from meditation even if you are not good at it

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