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How to befriend crows and turn your back on enemies

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A few months ago I tried Imprint yourself on a flock of ducks So they would think I was their mother. Everything the duck did was crap all over my house. crySo I am moving to Crow. Instead of a flock of stupid ducklings chasing me, there are a lot of crows. murder A flock of crows—follow me like a black cloud of menace. And I use my army of crows to destroy the enemy.

why crow?

Unlike ducks, crows are intelligent, self-sufficient animals and do not need to wear diapers. They solve problems and communicate with each other. They are smart and may be as clever as a 7-year-old human child. It seems that there are even things like rituals and culture. But most importantly, crows can recognize human faces.they will come to recognize my Face to face like a master.See my appearance crows, rooks and blackbirds, listen to my power Wow, I am Stephen Johnson, Master of Crows.

Is it legal to keep a crow as a pet?

Keeping crows as pets is illegal in many places. I’m too lazy to take care of them, so I’m thinking of letting the birds in my crow army live their lives, but if you’re really going to have a pet crow, you might need to hide it from the authorities. May be, the special love between man and crow is often frowned upon.

how to attract crows

First step to crow mastery is to bring you together Crow. These birds want a safe, quiet place to do their crow things, and that could be your garden, especially if you live in a city or suburb. Crows are less likely to be frightened by you—ruralkarasu is far away more suspicious.

You may need to make some changes to your garden.Crows aren’t going to hang out around known birds Enemies like dogs and cats, so you need to let go of your current pet. It’s a sacrifice, but worth it.If you have wind chimes or other noise sources, remove them as wellCrows don’t want to be surprised.

Crows like hiding places like bushes and trees and plot-like places, so make sure your garden is green. You can clean your prey.

how to feed crows

I wish a wild crow would see me and feel an instant kinship, but so far it hasn’t worked. I needed to get a transaction — and that It means feeding.Crows are omnivores They eat everything from earthworms to fish to garbage.They’re not picky, but they’re the crows of the internet Experts recommend feeding nuts, eggs, scraps of meat, or dog or cat food. I like bloodthirsty crows, so I go with the scraps of meat.

Place food in an open area, preferably visible from the air something that glows around. then leave it.Patience is required to make friends with crowsBecause they are cautious animals, they will not approach food when people are nearby, so please keep your distance. While waiting for the appearance of crows. don’t look them in the eye. Don’t move too quickly.dive from a safe distance Get them used to you and your garden.

be patient and consistent

Crows recognize patterns, and if you leave food for them at the same time of day, they’ll eventually add your backyard to their mental map of “food sources.” If they show up regularly, you can try to get a little closer to the food each day. Crows have long memories. If all goes well, the crows you attract will eventually connect you with food and the lovely surroundings of your backyard. The fun starts here.

your army of crows and you

If all goes well, your face and acts of kindness will spread like legend among the local crows, and more crows will land in your garden to join your delicious food.if crow For real Like you, they will start leaving you shiny things as tribute – bottle caps, bullets, etc.They may set up a mystery that only the great Belgian detective, Hercules Poirot, can solve, and deliver a priceless diamond from Contessa’s necklace to your doorstep.

Crows are known as guardians

Locals who learn of crows being killed report that they become territorial and protective. Reddit user cranefor example, sought legal advice due to possible liability from she Personal Swarms Attacking Neighbors.

“My neighbor came over to social distance and talk (I’m on the porch, she’s in the yard) and a crow started dive-bombing her. Until she left my yard.” They didn’t stop,” they told R.edit.

T.The consensus among online bird experts was that crows were likely guarding the stock Can be discouraged by offering food or shiny objectsBut I wish the crows were more selectiveLuckily, there are ways to make crows hate people I don’t like.

teach crows to hate their enemies

Crow study shows birds use advanced perception To distinguish good people from bad people – they legitimately like some people and hate others. our face.

In 2006, Biologist John Marzlaff and a student at the University of Washington I wanted to know exactly how the crows used this information, so I did an experiment.Students wore specific masks and harassed crows with nets and bands. A few days later, students walking around campus wearing various masks. The crows ignored all masked people except those wearing the masks of those who annoyed them. Forming a small mob,” responded.

That’s cool, but the amazing part is that the crow kept intimidating and screeching at the masked individual. Year. I’ve seen bad behavior only once, They don’t forget or forgive.Not only that, but the number of crows who dislike masks increased over time.Somehow, crow told each other “That man is no good. Threaten him.” birth Hated mask wearers.

I think you can see where this is going. Once you’ve befriended quite a few crows, you’ll have to create a fully realistic mask for your deadly foe. lifehacker deputy editor Joel CunninghamPut on your mask and annoy the crows. throw stones at them. Call mother pigeons.tell them you are I’m so glad Brandon Lee passed away. Whatever you need to do to make them hate “you”.

So Sit and rest while the crows do their work.Rumors circulate among the birds, your enemies are always walk Crows gather in the street.they will stare at themthey will Shriek their disapproval to your enemies very present.your enemy I don’t even know why.But every day there will be more and more crowsAnd it’s not going to stop. Not today. never.

How to befriend crows and turn your back on enemies

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