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How to become a “personal hire” in your next job

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Do you know the workplace token “funny stuff”? Well, those co-workers are self-aware and vocal. This is called “individuality adoption,” The term is trending on TikTok From those who claim charisma landed in their jobs rather than resume qualifications.

Behind the jokes and self-deprecating lies the truth about the art of showing employers that you have a good personality. There are a lot of things you need to do to impress an interviewer. Importance of story preparation— but how realistic is “personality hiring”? I spoke with Toni Frana, cBearsservicemGet angry flex job When remote.coHere’s what you need to know about the role your personality plays in getting your next job.

Personality is important, but it’s not everything

The idea of ​​a true “personality hire”—someone with no skills, just vibes—is a bit of an exaggeration. In most industries, personality alone does not get you a job.Still, Frana says HR and Recruiters evaluate factors beyond job requirementsThey do this by asking key questions related to the candidate’s cultural fit, or “how well their personality, character, values, and professional goals align with the organization.” After all, many employers use their hiring process to gain as much insight as possible about whether or not you’re a real match for the company. in the long run.

Of course, the reality is that not all job seekers are evaluated equally. Even if you shine in an interview, you could lose out to your manager’s son or brother. Or maybe your incredible sense of humor just doesn’t resonate with the older white man you’re interviewing. Think of all this with a grain of salt, because the idea of ​​“personality hiring” is full of privilege.

Personality can tip the scale during the hiring process

Frana says: Your sense of humor, communication style, and likability will have a big impact on joining the company. interview processIn fact, Frana has found that personality can be an advantage even if you don’t fully qualify for every job. Use your unique personality to show that you have a positive impact on future workplaces.

Tips to stand out in an interview

Letting your beautiful personality shine through isn’t always easy. After all, for most of us, an interview isn’t the ideal environment to relax and “be yourself.” Especially if you’ve been burned out by applying for job after job and rarely getting in touch.

But Frana stresses that optimism stands out for employers. From the cover letter to the final interview, work hard to demonstrate aspects of your personality, such as optimism, throughout the process.

  • professionalism
  • reliability
  • leadershipability
  • friendliness
  • confidence
  • intelligence
  • trainability
  • sympathy
  • S.elfconsciousness
  • Kindness
  • majesty

balance your personality and professionalism

Frana recommends showing “lightness and a sense of humor in the interview,” but still strongly advises maintaining professionalism. Some of the best ways to let your personality shine while remaining professional during an interview include:

  • Within the first 30 seconds of the interview, have a story to help ease the tension. It doesn’t have to be work related, but it should be professional (e.g. related to volunteer and family vacations).
  • Smile while talking about positive work experiences.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your boss what you want to say, as long as you do it respectfully.
  • play An interview is simply a conversation between two people, and it helps you focus on what you actually enjoy. Express your personality, skills and experiences in the best possible way.


Charisma alone may not get you a job, but your personality can help you gain an edge. Stand out from other applicants by coming across as a well-rounded and likeable person. And while you pull your pants off the interviewer, make sure you’re ready. answer these questions You can expect it in almost every job interview.

How to become a “personal hire” in your next job

Source link How to become a “personal hire” in your next job

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