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How to bargain when buying a new mattress

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Of all the purchases we make, very few bargain.o Purchasing goods at a better price is permissible. Most often within the range of flea markets, antique shows and real estate sales.

But there is another opportunity that many people overlook or are unaware of. Buying a new mattress.In fact, according to recent information Research from Consumer Reports23% of those who recently purchased a new mattress said they tried to negotiate a lower price. Successful.

It won’t work with every mattress, but it’s worth a try every time if you mean saving money on big purchases.

How to bargain when buying a new mattress

In addition to bargaining for a better price when buying in a mattress showroom, it is also possible when buying a mattress online. consumer reportbargaining when online shopping for mattresses requires communication (i.e., negotiation) with a customer service representative by phone or live chat on the website.

In most cases, the negotiation strategy is the same. Here’s what you should do:

do homework

If you’re going to bargain, you have to get readyThis means knowing what features you need (materials, warranties, hardness, etc.) and what features you want/can do. Check out our mattress prices to meet your needs at different prices.

Even if you plan to buy in person, do some comparison shopping online first to identify a good price. If you’re buying a mattress online, get your point across before speaking with a customer service representative over the phone or live chat.


Some people view haggling and “hard bargaining” as offensive and bordering on rude. But you don’t have to. Be steadfast yet polite and you’ll be in luck.

ask for a better price

Almost too easy to mention, but it works. “Even customers who do nothing but ask for a discount on their price will often succeed,” he says Martin Lachter. Consumer Reports Mattress Researcher.

Remember that there is At least 40-50% price increase It’s on the mattress, so there’s a lot of room for discounts.

mention competition

Don’t be afraid to let the salesperson know you’ve shopped around and can get a particular mattress at a lower price at a competing retailer.

don’t forget the extras

In addition to trying to get a mattress at a low price, be sure Request free delivery and removal Old mattresses, and other extras that may be relevant.

walk away if necessary

If negotiations don’t go well, you have the option to leave the store without purchasing anything (or hang up the phone or, if shopping online, end the live chat with the customer service representative). And if you’re polite when haggling, there’s no reason you can’t go back and buy a mattress once you realize that’s the best thing you’re going to do.

If so, obtain the full name and contact information of the salesperson and document the negotiated transaction in writing (on company letterhead) if the negotiated transaction deviates from the retailer’s normal selling price or policy. I’ll have you This way you don’t have to start over if you come back.

How to bargain when buying a new mattress

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