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How to bake the perfect hot dog

Image of an article titled How to Bake the Perfect Hot Dog

Photo: Stevens-Johnson / North Hills Hot Dog League

It’s summer, heat rash, go to work even though it’s a really nice day, and bake a hot dog! The humble Frankfurt may have been invented in Germany, but it’s clearly an American dish. National Hot Dog and Sausage CouncilIn 2020, £ 944.3 million hot dogs were sold in stores in the United States.S.,but More consumed in ball games, gourman restaurants and prisons.

Let’s get started with this guide to making great grilled hot dogs that are disappointed (I like to start everything with disappointing notes): I’m making some of your grilled hot dogs previously unknown I set out to discover the nuances singI just learned that with such nuances, I couldn’t find it. Whether you’re dressing up with high-end seasonings or spiral-cutting, in the end, a hot dog is just a hot dog. It’s a constant hot dogness, Wiener’s greatest strength and worst weakness.

How to bake a hot dog like a king

Image of an article titled How to Bake the Perfect Hot Dog

Photo: Stevens-Johnson / North Hills Hot Dog League

What makes hot dogs great is how easy it is to prepare. You can boil them and throw them into the microwave, Air fryer’emStick the fork into the “day” and cook the “day” on the stove’s open flame. Vacuum cooking method, Or eat them right out of the package like a caveman. But the best way to prepare is the grill. A few letters on the outside, Maillard reactionEnhances the taste, and while you do it, you are usually outside with friends and loved ones, which makes any food taste good.

Here’s how to properly grill a hot dog:

  • Make sure the grill is clean and non-greasy. Spray a non-stick spray like Pam or wait until it gets hot, soak a paper towel in rapeseed oil or peanut oil and drag it across the grate. However, use tongs. It’s a long one, so don’t get burned.
  • Warm the grill. Using a propane grill, I set all burners to about 3/4 of the power, closed the lid and heated for about 15 minutes. When I put the dog on it, it was about 350℉. If you are using charcoal, make sure there is a place that is not too hot for the first heating. Check out this article Learn more about how to set up two zones on your charcoal grill and other detailed grill business.
  • Indirectly heat them. Hot dogs are cooked right out of the package, so this step is just actually heating. Indirectly heat the dog away from the hottest part of the grill, whether or not it is the rack shown in the photo. Above or a little away from coal. Heat for 5-7 minutes, turning as often as you can remember. If you are using a jumbo dog, wait another 2 minutes. I don’t know the exact number because the grills are different and the dogs are different, but if the edges start to burst a little, you’ll know it’s complete.
  • Cut’em and mark’em. Now that it’s heated, move the dog to the hottest part of the grill and place it to burn the diagonal grill marks. (Anyway, this is an idea. I couldn’t make a picturesque grille mark. Try as much as you can.) Frank has a little cracked foamy skin with or without the mark. Is required. Among chefs and foodies, this is called “backburn” and Filet mignon Like it’s your wiener. I think my Michelin star is in the email.
  • Do you want to toast the bread? Some people like to dry the bread a little, but I don’t. I like muddy sponge style hot dog bread. That’s why Steam the bread.. (Yes, “steam the bread”)
  • Do not overcook: The most common hot dog grill mistakes are also the worst: overcook them. If you put it on the fire for a long time, everything will wrinkle and dry, and worse, it will have a burnt charcoal flavor. skin..

What hot dog is best for the grill?

I tried various things Widely used dogs in this experiment — chicken and beef Nathans, Farmer John, Oscar Mayer dogs, turkey dogs, beef dogs, kosher beef dogs, jumbo, skinless, jumbo skinless — skinless dogs are dry, but the different types of dogs we have tried All cooked in much the same way on the grill and a little more out.

I didn’t try soy or other meatless dogs as they are completely different. We didn’t go to the butcher shop to buy a really luxury Frankfurt, and we didn’t buy the cheapest hot dogs possible either.All our dogs were ok-But-Nothing-It’s not something special, it’s in line with the soul of the hot dog itself.

In the end, a panel of four expert Wiener Eaters agreed that beef hot dogs are better than any other breed, and in the worst case, a combination of beef and chicken dogs. Divide evenly into jumbo dogs and regulation size dogs — it depends on your bread-to-meat taste, Finally.

Would you like to make a spiral cut or not?

If you want more hot dogs, you can spiral cut them before cooking. Our panel agreed that spiral-cut hot dogs are slightly tastier than non-spiral-cut dogs due to the extra surface area available for browning. They get a little more “grilly” taste and the seasonings crack as a bonus.

Whether it deserves a problem depends on who you are. Some might say, “We’ll make this the best hot dog experience, so of course we’ll make it a spiral.” I’m similar to Motto. “It’s just a hot dog. Don’t knock out.”

Here’s how to do a spiral cut, if needed.

  • Skewer the dog.
  • Hold a sharp knife diagonally to your dog and roll it. Try to make it uniform, but if you’re like me, you’ll look like a hacked serial killer.
  • Give the knife to someone who has manual dexterity and let them do it.
  • If you want to get something extra, you can create a second spiral inside the first spiral to get the hairdresser’s sign pole effect.
  • Grill like an uncircumcised hot dog.

What toppings do hot dogs need?

Image of an article titled How to Bake the Perfect Hot Dog

Photo: Stevens-Johnson / North Hills Hot Dog League

I think you already have your favorite hot dog toppings and probably know a lot of different things you can put on top of a hot dog so I won’t bore you with advice I would make one suggestion, like “Try mustard!”: Grilled onions. Fry the onions in oil and butter with a little salt and sprinkle them on the dog for the best hot dog topping possible. This is subtle and doesn’t hurt the whole thing.All your Frankfurt hot dogs like sauerkraut can, but with texture je ne sais quoi For your tube steak.

A brief note on how disgusting hot dogs are

When we set out to cook these dogs, everyone on our blue ribbon hot dog panel was excited and ready to spend the day sucking on the various kids of the hot dogs ()When Beer).. The excitement didn’t last long.The final consensus is: “Eating more than one hot dog can be really terrible.”

How to bake the perfect hot dog

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