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How to back up Google Hangouts data before it’s completely gone

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Google Hangouts It was replaced by Google Chat later this year. Add another entry to the An ever-growing list of dead Google services..Shutdown is expected to occur At some point in October, Google has already begun the transition. This process is primarily on the Google side, but warns users that some Hangouts messages and conversations will not automatically transition to chat...

Google will notify affected users before the final shutdown, but there is a way to protect it now by backing up your Google Hangouts data to your computer or smartphone.This will securely save all conversation historyEven if you can’t port it to Google Chat.

To do this, you need to use Google takeout tool, You can download an archive of almost any data associated with your Google account, In this process you Just download the Hangouts message.Method is as follows:

  1. Open Google Takeout in your web browser. Works on desktop and mobile. (This menu is for Google account settings[データプライバシー>使用するアプリやサービスからのデータ>データをダウンロードする。)
  2. プロンプトが表示されたら、Googleアカウントでサインインします。
  1. テイクアウト画面の上部にある[すべて選択解除]Click. Otherwise, you will download the entire Google Account archive. many Larger file.
  2. Scroll down the list and[Googleハングアウト]Select the check box.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and[次のステップ]Choose.
  4. On the next screen, you can change the archive file settings and their settings. We will deliver.In this case, probably Keep default setting, However Our guide Back up all Google data There is more information about the options If you are interested.
  5. If there is no problem with the export settings,[エクスポートの作成]Click.
  6. Wait for a while until the Hangouts data is collected. The timing depends on the size of the archive.
  7. When the file is ready, the page refreshes with a download link. (Note: YYou can also close this page. Google will send you a download link. Email.). click “download” Save the data to your device.

Now that you have a safe backup of your Google Hangouts data, you can’t really do much. It cannot be imported into Google Chat or other messaging apps.However, if you unzip the archive and then open the JSON file using any text editor (such as Notepad on Windows), at least your Message history. yes, I wish I could upload these conversations to the chat, but it’s better than losing them forever...


How to back up Google Hangouts data before it’s completely gone

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