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How to avoid tons of malware in Minecraft

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Mine Craft Addictive. Mine Craft Popular. The combination is many Those of us who spend hours playing games every day. That’s good, but Mine Craft The community as a whole is good for hackers too.they are millions Mine Craft Players: They’re looking at millions of malware targets.

BleepingComputer reportsa Kaspersky security researcher discovered that Mine Craft It accounts for a whopping 25% of malware spread through PC video games. That’s more than double his next-leading game. FIFAThat’s because it’s only 11% of gaming malware traffic.Other “winners” include roblox at 9.5% far cry 9.4%, call of duty But there are many other games that attackers treat as malware pipelines.

Most of this malware is distributed through PC games, but among the malware distributed through mobile games, Mine Craft The market share is 40%, maintaining the top position. Wow.

Most of these malicious Mine Craft The case becomes a downloader on your computer. Downloaders often bypass security software and install nasty malware on machines, such as information-stealing malware and cryptocurrency miners. However, adware (which serves malicious advertisements to users) and Trojan horses (malware that masquerades as legitimate software) are also mixed in, stealing personal information or allowing malicious users to access your computer. There is a possibility that

How to avoid malware from Minecraft and other games

Just playing these games is not dangerous. As long as you buy your games from trusted markets and play them the way they were meant to be played, you won’t have to worry about malware the same way you would when playing on a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation. However, the risks come from diving into the game’s more underground components: mods, cheats, and bootlegs.

The first tip here is: Please do not pirate the game. Ethics aside, bad guys take advantage of players’ greed to play games for free and offer fake versions of popular games. Downloading the “free” version of the game is risky. Everyone Because the incentive for bad actors to place malware in that location is very high.

Pirated games also allow bad actors to create fake in-app stores. With so many games utilizing in-app purchases these days, many players think nothing of buying items and upgrades through these marketplaces. does not provide the actual product in return. Instead, they steal your information and use it to make purchases on your behalf.

Be very careful when installing mods. Mods are a great way to enhance your game on PC, and we have great developers doing a great job. However, mods and other game cheats are not supported by game developers, so there are no restrictions or oversights. In that environment, it would be very easy for a malicious person to advertise their product as a legitimate mod, simply installing malware on your machine.

Sites hosting these mods can also be malicious. Even if the link is valid, the site may be cluttered with ads and fake download links.You are think Even though you are clicking the correct download button, that option actually downloads something malicious or takes you to a new malicious URL.

When installing mods, make sure you choose ones with a high download rate and good reviews. Downloading that brand new mod from an unknown developer is risky if you don’t have someone to back up its legitimacy. If the modder asks you to disable your antivirus software to run the program, don’t do it. Some modders run into problems with antivirus software, but this scheme allows malicious users to bypass security systems. Please don’t do it.

Don’t forget to keep both your computer and your game up to date with the latest software patches. These updates help protect against security vulnerabilities.

How to check if your PC already has malware

Surely, these tips will help you avoid game malware. futurebut what about malware you may have picked up in the past? Could your PC be hiding fugitive software right now?

Watch out for strange symptoms occurring on your computer. What could be causing your computer to overheat even though no visible programs are running? Your computer may have suddenly slowed down. Are you seeing strange links opening in your web browser or mysterious pop-ups on your desktop?

In that case, your best bet is to run a program that scans for known malware, such as: malware bytesThis app will help you find, identify and permanently remove malware on your PC. We recommend that you regularly scan for viruses and malware. PC, don’t let the diabolical get through the gates.

If you want to check if an issue with your computer is based on third-party software (i.e. could it be a malware issue), you can boot into Safe Mode which runs only Microsoft programs . As you can see, there are various ways to boot into safe mode in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. This Microsoft support page.

You can also scan your computer yourself to find out For weird files that you didn’t mean to download. However, system files can often look intimidating or strange, so this strategy is tricky. If you find something obviously scary like minecrafttrojan.exe, delete it yourself.

How to avoid tons of malware in Minecraft

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