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How to avoid the worst of travel hell this summer

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in the meantime 2022 trip Looks promising Border reopening more Overseas travel options, You may want this to be another summer of staycation. Various factors (supply and demand) are causing confusion at airports and rental counters across the country, spending a lot of time and money on travelers.

For example, on Memorial Day weekends The airline has canceled 3% of scheduled flights— More than the same weekends of 2019, 2020 and 2021 combined. Meanwhile, driving is not good: Car rental prices are up 70% compared to 2019. Due to a shortage of vehicles.

This is What other experts are predicting For the summer of travel hell:

  • Staff shortages at airlines and airports were exacerbated by the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19. This includes ground workers and customer service personnel as well as pilots and crew.
  • Due to frequent bad weather such as thunderstorms Significant delays occur as traffic increases compared to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Overall high priceFrom the plane ticket To gas, For rental cars To the hotel. In some cases, driving is more expensive than flying and can put additional pressure on air travel.

So what does this mean? Now, due to staffing issues, airlines are shortening their schedules in advance, putting pressure on the remaining flights that are already nearly full.

But consider the snowball effect. Mef Some airports do not have enough ground staff to unload their bags, so they are grounded. Airplanes, crew, current and future passengers.Flight crews also need to clock out during long delays, which can eventually lead to cancellations... Also, on full flights, it can take a lot of time to find a vacant seat to rebook. In addition, check-in, security, immigration, and baggage claim areas are expected to attract long lines and large numbers of people.

How to avoid the worst summer Travel issues

To be honest, the turmoil at the peak of summer may be inevitable. We cannot make up for staff shortages and bad weather.If you really have to travel, you should Expect the best, plan the worst, and stay flexible in the process.

One option for traveling by plane, especially by plane, is to minimize the number of touchpoints that can cause delays or exacerbate the effects of cancellations. for example:

  • Book a direct / direct flight to avoid stopovers and the possibility of multiple delays or cancellations. If you need to fly on weekends or holidays, manage your expectations.
  • Sign up for TSA PreCheck (and / or global entry if you’re flying abroad) to access shorter routes and faster screening at airport security and immigration. If you are traveling to some airports (JFK, MCO, EWR, LAX, SEA, PHX, YYC), you can also: Book a security screening time frame Free via CLEAR, but via standard security lanes.
  • Check in online, download your digital boarding pass, Continue if possible to avoid slowdowns and long lines to check for bags..
  • Simply give yourself more time. Arrive at the airport early..

Obviously, ease of use can be expensive, but It’s worth it if it helps you avoid connection failures, travel interruptions, and customer service holds forever.

By the way, it’s time to take advantage of credit card travel benefits.Many companies offer travel support such as: Rebooking for cardholders and their services It may be faster than trying to contact the airline directly for help. You may also be eligible for a refund of any costs incurred due to delays, cancellations or lost luggage. Just in case, find and save the traveler assistance phone number.

obtain Handle Your rights as a passengerIncluding when you are eligible for compensation if you are suffering from cansRelationship or delay..Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed for most delays, but if the airline hits you or cancels your flight, you will have to pay. And you decided not to rebook..

Finally, Reminder: THe is a stressful time for everyone, including your fellow travelers and airline staff.Getting angry when things go wrong may feel cathartic, but doing so probably won’t change the facts of the situation.And it can make things worse Things around you. You also look like a jerk.

How to avoid the worst of travel hell this summer

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