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How to avoid sticking on skewers

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Eating meat from a stick is unique and elegant joy. GGrilled bite-sized beef, lamb, chicken, or seafood Skewer: Convenient and delicious, it’s perfect for holding a cocktail (or beer) in one hand.

But the stick can present some challenges in Grill process.If you are using a single Round wooden stick, your meat can Rotate around that axis when you fSkewer.This is obviously a problem as the goal is to get There is an open flame on both sides, and a good brown with lots of browns, which can’t be done if the meat keeps slipping Around it. Fortunately, there are two simple solutions.

Get some non-circular skewers

Without a smooth circular shaft, meat cubes and shrimp have nothing to rotate. Therefore, most reusable metal skewers are either. triangle-Shaped or flat.Also The shape is Do not move the food No chance to spin back around when you Skewers.. In addition, you can use them many times.This is definitely Less waste (do Please do not email me about environmental issuesAgreement Manufacturing process Reusable skewers)..

Or uTwo wooden skewers

If you don’t have time to order a metal skewer before the next kebab sesh Or even if you’re working with someone else’s setup, you can use two round skewers to prevent the meat from popping. As Reddit user angelicusew explains Their Reddit postThis eliminates the single axis and prevents the meat from flipping when the skewer is rotated.

Image of article titled How to Avoid Skewering

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Both tactics keep your little meat cube Firmly Location, secure Both sides are baked properly, and the stick is skillfully made into brown and flavorful meat. (Because no I want tasteless and dry meat on sticks that are unevenly cooked. )

How to avoid sticking on skewers

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