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How to avoid seeing posts from people you don’t follow on Instagram

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Did you notice that Instagram is a little terrible? Open the app, scroll through the feed, and wonder, “Who are these people?” In its heyday, Instagram was a simple social media app that allowed friends to follow other friends and catch up with their lives with fun photos and filters. Now you are offered a fake TikToks from a “celebrity” you don’t care about. Let’s fix it.

What about Instagram feeds?

Instagram changes aren’t popular with different users.Hell, but Kim Kardashian called the company trying to become TikTok.. Kardashian has a point. The company is testing a new feature that displays 9:16 photos and videos in full screen in the feed, and people aren’t thrilled. Even Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, feels this feature.Not good yetWe claim that we are currently testing a small number of users.

Still, it’s the only criticism of the platform.The main problem is that Instagram gives us Many Of the content we don’t care about.Sure, the move to video is clearly chasing TikTok’s success, but if you’re watching videos from friends, family, or creators you want to follow, it’s are you OK..It’s an onslaught of posts from other Instagram accounts that we don’t care about, which is crazy for us..

Don’t use the default Instagram feed

One easy way to hide posts from irrelevant Instagram accounts is to avoid the default Instagram feed. Instead, you should use the Following or Favorites feed to view only posts from the accounts you’re interested in. These feeds do not show suggested posts or ads.In addition, they Chronological order.. This is the easiest way to clean up your feed and make it fun to use Instagram again.

“Continue” The feed is the easiest to use. From the main Instagram feed[Instagram]Tap and[Following]Choose. Here you’ll only see posts from the accounts you’re currently following on Instagram, and you won’t be bothered by suggested posts or other annoying “features”.It makes Instagram feel a bit like it used to be When you sign on to see what your friends are doing or keep up with the lives and work of interesting people.

If your goal is to see posts from the account you are doing many Interested in, you will want to invest in for a while “Favorites” function. Favorites have two advantages. In addition to having a section dedicated to posts from favorites, Instagram actually floats the posts in this list to the top of the main feed. Using it is mutually beneficial.

To add an account to your favorites, tap your profile in the bottom right, tap the hamburger menu in the top right,[お気に入り]Choose. Then start adding as many favorites as you need. Instagram suggests accounts to add, but you can search for and add accounts that you are currently following. When you’re done[お気に入りを確認]Tap.

Let’s go Go back to your main feed, tap Instagram, then select Favorites to see only the posts from that selected group.

Block suggested posts on Instagram (for a while)

Suggested posts are often annoying.Sure, the algorithm may provide posts that you enjoy watching, but most of the time you’re scrolling through the feed. For posts from people you follow No From what you don’t. Anyway, isn’t that all about the exploration page?

Instagram does not allow you to turn suggested posts offHowever, this app allows you to “snooze” for a month. Better than nothing.To do this, in the upper right corner of the post[X]Tap and from the options[フィード内の提案されたすべての投稿を30日間スヌーズする]Choose.

When the suggested post comes back, you can repeat this process to save your sanity for another month. Alternatively, you can fall back to the Following and Favorites feeds so that they never appear again.

Tell Instagram’s algorithm that you’re sick of that shit

Since Instagram is thinking about the content you want to see, you’ll see the suggested posts on your feed and exploration page. If you watch the video long enough or add a post to your favorites, the algorithm will recognize that it’s getting your attention. But in many cases, it’s not certain if you hated something. I will tell you that.

The next time something appears on your feed or exploration page No If you’re curious, tap the three dots that appear in your post,[興味なし]Choose.It doesn’t magically fix it, but it makes it more likely that the algorithm will avoid such content. future.


How to avoid seeing posts from people you don’t follow on Instagram

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