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How to avoid being hit by a manhole cover explosion

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The odds of being hit by an exploding manhole cover are slim, but not zero. According to the 2021 New York City Mayoral Control ReportIn fiscal 2021, the New York Fire Department responded to 261 cases in which manhole covers were dislodged by the force of the explosion. Manhole covers explode across the country. Chicago has received over 3,500 complaints Number of missing manhole covers and grates since 2016. A manhole cover exploded recently. caught on camera in boston.and oExplosion of manhole covers recently wrecked a car in miami.

So what can you do to keep an exploding manhole cover from coming your way? You can alert those who can prevent it.

what makes Manhole cover explodes?

Manhole cover explosions occur mainly in the winter, but they can also explode once a year.Round. According to Con Edison, a New York City electricity, gas and steam supplier,It all starts with the salt used for snow removal, mixed with water, and flowing down the manhole. The electrically conductive salt water then soaks the wire, erodes the wire’s insulation layer, generates heat, and comes into contact with the live wire. This creates gas and smoke as the insulation burns, creating a spark from the wire that ignites the accumulated gas.

resulting explosion a manhole lifted 50 feet above the ground, making it a very dangerous projectile for anyone in the area. If you’re looking for a detailed animation of this process from start to finish, Weather Channel has you covered.

How to spot an impending explosion (and what to do if you spot one)

The circumstances leading to the manhole cover explosion slowly build up over time. If you see smoke coming out of a manhole, you should leave immediately and call emergency services to deploy the fire department. Con Edison spokesman Sidney Alvarez told Bookliner: “know [people] Take out your phone and take a video. It would be better if they would call 119 or us first and then take a video. can be made safe. ”

If you are not sure whether the gas coming out of the manhole is smoke or steam, We encourage you to reportThis is because public safety can also be endangered if leaks from steam systems are not addressed. If you find a missing manhole cover on a road or highway, there’s no need to call 9.11. Report to local authorities instead. moreover, Con Edison also recommends keeping pets away from lampposts, grates, and manhole covers during the “after-storm” period.

How to avoid being hit by a manhole cover explosion

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