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How to attract butterflies to your garden and garden

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I don’t care how cynical you are, you will be delighted to see butterflies in your garden or backyard. Not only are these colorful insects beautiful, they also pollinate plants, attract birds, and Stimulate Maria Carey, and provide us with overuse Metaphor of transformation..

In order to draw butterflies in your garden, you need to ask yourself what butterflies I want.. Please ask yourself. “Why do butterflies want to hang out? my A garden instead of a neighbor? Easy answer: Butterflies are looking for a mellow place to raise a family of butterflies. They want to lay their eggs in quiet places, such as edible plants for larvae, nectar plants, nectar sources, hiding places, and relaxing places.

When it comes to flowers that attract butterflies, think of them as “staying local.”

Butterflies and flowers go together like star skis and hatches. They drink nectar from many different kinds of flowers, but not all flowers are the same. Native flower seeds are the best way to increase the chances of abundant butterflies in your garden. After all, local butterflies and local flowers evolved together.Please check Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower CenterA state-by-state flower guide site that provides ideas on what to plant.

according to National Wildlife FederationAdult butterflies are most attracted to sweet nectar from “red, yellow, orange, pink, purple flowers, which are flat-topped or clustered and have short flower tubing.”Check this out for more specific information Excellent butterfly nectar plant list..

The place to plant the flowers is also important. Butterflies generally feed only in the sun (which is adorable), so make sure your flowers receive a lot of light from mid-morning to mid-afternoon for optimal butterfly charm. please.

Study where they want to lay their eggs

Butterflies may drink nectar from many different flowers, but they are much more noisy about where they lay their eggs. For example, the monarch butterfly lays eggs only on milkweed, while the black swallowtail lays eggs only on roux plants. There are about 750 species of butterflies in the United States, so it’s best to do a little research on local flies. Find a place where they want to lay their eggs and plant it. Many states have official butterflies. This list A good place to get started.

Also, keep in mind: you can’t have a butterfly without a caterpillar. A garden full of plants eaten by local caterpillars is best, but each type of caterpillar eats only a few types of plants. With 180,000 species of caterpillars, whether given or taken, you must study what species live around you.

Think about their safety and how they spend their downtime

Your new butterfly friend will need a place to hide from predators. There are butterfly habitats available for purchase, but you are more likely to spend time in natural spaces such as hollow logs, tree branches, and piled firewood. They love small corners and small hidden holes to escape the birds, lizards and snakes that eat them.

Life isn’t all about drinking honey, it changes from one form to another. During downtime, butterflies like to sunbathe and scatter in shallow puddles. (Butterflies are very cute.)

Place flat rocks in a sunny place in the garden to dry the wings and allow them to sunbathe.Several Butterfly lovers report They weren’t very lucky with the sunbathing stone, but it can’t be hurt.

Butterflies can also tinker in wet sand and mud to drink and extract minerals from water, much like a “pump”. Submerge some pots of soil with a small amount of water and coarse sand to create a drinking fountain. Keep the sand moist, but don’t overfill it. You are not building a lake, you are building a puddle of mud.

Give them rotten fruit

According to several types of butterflies (purple with red spots, question marks, Mourning cloak, green commas, malachite, red admirals, enoki and tan emperors, and vice kings. joyfulbutterfly.com) It’s like getting honey from rotten fruit. Because of this, you may have noticed butterflies hanging around the compost. If you want to attract this kind of butterfly, you can put the overripe peaches in a plant hanger and hang them on a branch, or put them on the deck railing plate.Please note this However, it can also attract bees, ants, flies and other pests.

Dismiss the poison

If you want butterflies, you’ll have to fire the pesticide. These poisons cannot tell the difference between pests and butterflies.

How to attract butterflies to your garden and garden

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