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How to advertise your work without sounding like a complete jerk

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One Worst way to advertise your work online is god complexSure, it’s beneficial to celebrate what makes your work worthwhile.At the same time, you don’t want to bother your potential (or existing) audience along the way. On the other hand, some talented artists suffer from the egoism that comes with posting about their work.

So how do you avoid both of these pitfalls? The key to self-promotion is balancing confidence and cockiness. Here are some tips for promoting your work online to help you do this and avoid becoming a giant asshole.

aim for the real thing

All self-promotion is curation. Posting about yourself and your work online feels the opposite of being “real.” Accepting that fact allows us to work towards the credibility of our basic social media version. One of the best ways to achieve this is by telling your story in a social post. That way, you can make yourself known when promoting your work.

Incorporate a slice of your life into every post. This can mean details like your town, community, or even the occasional cute pet photo.

A word of caution: Most users are very critical and scrutinize brand voices online. Obviously you can’t really speak the language without spending a lot of time scrolling through the app you’re trying to post.

highlight your best

As a stand-up comedian, I’ve seen other performers get booked into shows and grow their fan base. Not because their material is far superior to others, but because they are particularly strategic to promote the best.

I want to Beat social media algorithms As a user and as a contributor, I want to use them to my advantage.The Basics: Post early in the day, post at least once a week, use relevant hashtags, and be mindful of the following Make sure your post is visually appealingThis is anecdotal, but a post with someone’s face seems to work better than a post with no picture at all. Frequencies are highly rated on major social media platforms, so don’t worry if all your posts aren’t performing at the same level. It’s not online meritocracy.

connect with your audience

My family’s restaurant survived the pandemic thanks to efforts to consistently post stories about restaurant opening hours and menu additions and to energize its social media presence. I worked at This company has kept clients in mind by sending out monthly newsletters.

The key here is to focus. Find a niche instead of always trying to reach the largest possible audience. Try incorporating interactive polls and questions into your captions. Anything that gets followers to engage with you. Then respond. The more you can connect with your audience (assuming you treat them kindly), the easier it will be to prove that you’re not an asshole and that your work is worth their time and consideration. Become.

Join our online community

In the early days of Twitter and Instagram, the site had a “follow for follow” culture. The basic idea was that by following each other and sharing each other’s content, you and a random stranger could mutually increase your follower count. , in most cases it is more subtle and sincere.

When participating in industry-specific online communities, you need to connect and collaborate with peers who are also in the self-promotion game. Engage with your peers’ content and share their work with your own audience to grow your network and following. Additionally, you may connect with new people who can share industry-specific advice on how to further your work.

Let your work speak for itself

The self-promotional hype is real, but at the end of the day, the quality of work has to live up to the hype. Do not put your cart (ego) above your horse (work). Also, never call yourself a ‘guru’.

How to advertise your work without sounding like a complete jerk

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