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How to add speed dial to iPhone

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Speed ​​dials have been an indispensable efficiency tool when all numbers need to be dialed manually. Instead of wasting precious seconds punching the same numbers every day, you can program your favorite contacts to a designated location on your landline or mobile phone for quick access with the touch of a button.Of course, these days Personal dial The number is much smaller.. But if you’re looking for an explosion into the past, or if you need a way to recall your favorites even faster, there are several solutions on your iPhone.

You may already know one of these “speed dial” options in your favorite form. You can assign as many contacts as you need to your Favorites category in the Phone app to make quick calls, video calls, or messaging. Add a contact to your favorites on that contact’s card, or[お気に入り]You have the option to add from the tab itself. This is a proven way to connect to your contacts quickly, but it’s not the only way. If you’re looking for a traditional programmable option to dial your favorite people right away, try this shortcut.

Shortcuts have iPhone speed dial options

Shortcut There is a phone option that allows you to make a call as soon as the shortcut is activated.When It’s easy to create. Open the Shortcuts app and tap (+) to start creating new shortcuts. Search for “call” from the search bar, then Select one of the contacts that the shortcut suggests to use, or tap (+) and then[連絡先]Tap the field and select the contact you want to call with this shortcut. You could create other shortcuts around this simple action, but this is the only function we need for our purposes. To put it together, tap the icon in the upper left and select the shortcut icon (I personally use the phone emoji) and the shortcut color.

Next, decide where to place the shortcut. If you want to display it as a home screen icon, tap the blue settings icon in the upper right, then[ホーム画面に追加]Choose. Give it a name[追加]Tap. From here, you can move the shortcut anywhere you like. You can also add a shortcut to the shared sheet from the same settings menu. That way, you can press the share option on your iPhone to call your favorite contacts whenever you want.

You can repeat these steps to add as many icons as you need on your home screen, but you can also use the shortcut widget to add a preset group of these shortcuts to your home screen.

Use the shortcut widget to highlight speed dial contacts

First, it’s a good idea to put the speed dial shortcuts in your own folder. Open the shortcut app and[選択]Tap to select four To 8 shortcuts to save. Tap Go, tap New Folder, give it a name and icon, and tap Add.Come on Return to the home screen, press and hold, tap the (+) in the upper left, and from the list[ショートカット]Choose. You can decide whether to include one shortcut in the widget, four shortcuts in the widget, or eight shortcuts in the widget. Add your selection to the home screen and tap it to select the folder you set up a while ago.

You can just add it to your iPhone’s home screen. If you want one or more shortcuts out of the way, you can add them to today’s view. This is a list of widgets that you can access by right swiping the lock screen or home screen.go [今日の表示]Go to and scroll down[編集]Tap, then tap (+)[ショートカット]Choose. The process here is the same as for the home screen, providing speed dial options in a convenient hidden location.

How to add a speed dial to your Mac or Apple Watch

You can also add shortcuts to your Apple Watch or Mac to add speed dial options to other Apple products. Tap the blue settings icon again to select Show on Apple Watch to display shortcuts in the Apple Watch shortcuts app. You can also select Pin Menu Bar and Use as Quick Action to see Mac shortcuts.


How to add speed dial to iPhone

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