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How to Add iPhone 14 Pro’s “Dynamic Islands” to Android

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Many people do not like camera cutouts that take up space on their smartphone screens. Turn it into an old-school notification LEDbut Apple has a creative cake Dynamic Islands on iPhone 14 ProIt’s also possible that Google is doing similar work for Android, but we shouldn’t wait to find out. Developers are already working hard to bring this feature to smartphones.

One such example is pixel island, but it is not available for download on the Play Store as it is in the early stages of development. However, the Dynamic Island app is ready. Android developer Jawomo appears to be the first company to officially offer a Dynamic Island-style notification banner on his non-Apple phone with an app. dynamic spot.

How to install DynamicSpot

DynamicSpot is free to download, easy to set up, and does what you set it to do. If you’re interested in bringing Apple’s signature 14 Pro features to your Android phone, give dynamicSpot a try. But keep in mind that it’s still in the testing phase, so there may be issues here and there. (Fun fact: Jawomo is the same developer. the aforementioned utility Turn your camera cutout into an LED alert system. Jawomo seems to be a fan of notification hacking. )

When you install and open the app for the first time, you will be presented with a short tutorial to set everything up. You’ll need to select an app on your phone that DynamicSpot can use (there’s a simple ‘all’ option to choose from). Then tap the option,[許可されていません]Select dynamicSpot from the list,[通知アクセスを許可する]must be enabled and granted the dynamicSpot notification permission.

Then you need to allow “draw on screen”. This allows dynamicSpot to actually display notification alerts. dynamicSpot claims no data is collected or shared because it “doesn’t have access to the internet”, but you need to give the app full access to your phone for it to work. As it may cross privacy boundaries for some users,[許可]Keep that in mind before tapping .

If everything works for you, you are in! You can tweak where the dynamicSpot actually appears on your display in the app’s “Popup Settings”. By default, it appears centered at the top of the screen, just like the Dynamic Island in 14 Pro. This works especially well on phones that have cutouts at that location, but you can use the dimensions settings menu to move them around the display appropriately.

You can get dynamicSpot up and running without paying a dime, but there are some Pro features you might want to consider. You can also auto-hide the expanded popup after a certain amount of time (for free, you can choose to auto-hide the expanded popup when you tap outside the expanded popup) ) , and most importantly block system popups and move everything to dynamicSpot .

This is a fun utility to play with. I like to open up my Pixel and find the little rain icon embedded in the dynamicSpot. This is a subtle reminder that it’s actually raining. A long press expands the spot, and a tap takes you to the associated app. Even without the Pro features, it’s very useful, especially when it comes to tweaking the dimensions to fit a particular phone.

Is it for everyone? Probably not. But with any Android OEM following in Apple’s footsteps, it may take some getting used to.

[XDA Developers]

How to Add iPhone 14 Pro’s “Dynamic Islands” to Android

Source link How to Add iPhone 14 Pro’s “Dynamic Islands” to Android

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