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How to actually make your camping and outdoor adventure gear the last

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Gear for outdoor adventures When you’re done, you’re often thrown behind a garage or closet Use it-and that’s where it stays, forget, Until the next excursion.It may be months ago You find that your tent is musty Or caused your inflatable raft leak.Items with some wear and tear are not uncommon It needs to be replaced rather than repaired, but it can quickly become expensive.Here are some ways to earn more miles from your camp and others Outdoor equipment, And save some money while you are in it.

How to dry and store Camping etc. Outdoor Equipment

The first step in maintaining gear is prevention.road Storing outdoor gear can affect its lifespan, so taking a little extra time to clean it up can save you a lot of hassle later. One thing to do is to make sure you dry your tent, rain gear, ropes and other things that can get wet. Even if it looks dry, it’s a good idea to unfold the item and let it dry for a while. After going home.

SPlace the tent in a cool, dry place overnight to make sure it is completely dry before packing...Raincoats and other rainwear need to be hung, And the rope needs to be stretched and dried. Once the gear is dry, instead of putting it in a compression sack or stuff sack, Please fold it and store it in a large bag. The rope should be loosely wrapped and stored in a large bag.This helps prevent the fibers from wrinkling and kinking It can cause weaknesses that they tear later.

Repair method Your tears Equipment

Finding leaks in your tent or raincoat when you’re at home and dry is always better Unexpectedly get wet in an adventure and find it.inspect Check the seams and holes and crevices.Depends on the material of the tent, bag and other gearYou may be able to re-stitch the seams Needle and thread..MeFor materials such as rubber glue Close the torn seam. For holes, a Patch kit..

How to rGear e-waterproof

Another maintenance tip to make your gear last longer is to re-waterproof it. The manufacturer’s waterproofing lasts quite a long time, but it can break down if used.You can use Spray waterproof Products for tents and other outdoor gear Too big Fits in Washing machine..For small items like clothing, Wash-in products Best option Because it lasts a long time.

Remove the battery or use a rechargeable device

A common cause of broken gear. It’s easy to forget to remove the battery from an electronic device, which can lead to corrosion over time.Separate the battery from FloridaAsh lights, lanterns, headlamps, and store them In a cool and dry place Prevents this kind of damage.You can too Invest in rechargeable LED light When head lamp— —They will get much longer battery life, and don’t have the type of battery you do Must remember delete..

Please continue these repairs Supplies At hand

I need to repair it at home, It’s a good idea to have some basic repair supplies on hand while you’re on an adventure... A Sewing kit, patch, Zipper repair kit,and Tent repair kit It ’s all small and cheap to help you. Make the next gear work properly (and keep it warm and dry) Outdoor adventure..

How to actually make your camping and outdoor adventure gear the last

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