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How Parents Can Encourage Joy in Children

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One of the unexpected joys of being a parent is getting a front row seat to witness the joy of your child. Be it the excitement at the zoo, the experience of riding a train, or getting a slushie on a summer day. Maureen Healy, an expert in child psychology and author of the book, says, “Most children have the capacity to experience great pleasure.” Happiness workbook for kids“Some children are born with environmental or biological problems that make it difficult to feel pleasure, but most of them are.” find ways to help children maintain their ability to feel joy even when their emotions are disturbed.

Supportive relationships are essential

To help your children `s capacity for pleasureone of the key elements is to support development. support relationship. “I need someone to talk to,” Healy said. “For adults, a supportive relationship is like, ‘Who are you going to call at 2 o’clock? In the morning? ‘ is the same as Kid: ‘WWho can you talk to when you feel bullied?”

As Healy points out, children internalize bad situations around them, i think it’s my fault“You need to develop another supportive relationship,” said Healy, someone who can offer comfort. And another perspective that helps you recalibrate what’s going on in your life.

Help your child lean into their strengths

Another factor in keeping your child from losing joy is helping them embrace their strengths. When offer to accept their interests unconditionally“Developing their strengths is part of the joy,” Healy said. “I have a guitarist, but I wanted a doctor,” he told me. I want you to do your best as an adult to accept and encourage them unconditionally.” One way to do that is to involve your child in deciding what they want to do. or how they spend their own time, such as making their own choices Extracurricular activities-even if those activities Unusual or unexpected. “Let your child get involved and be vocal in finding joy,” Healy said.

Setting an example for getting through difficult times

When tough times come It’s important to give children examples of what it might look like to get over them. As Healy suggests, No always sugarcover the challenges of lifebut to be honest About the fact that sometimes life can be really hard and the tnot always so much here you can do about it Other than Persevery as much as possible.

“Some days it’s lemon, some days it’s just lemon. Other days it’s lemons and we can make lemonade,” said Healy.

How Parents Can Encourage Joy in Children

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