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How often should you wash your hair?

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there for a while Pandemic, TikTok’s hair guru Encourage “no poop” exercises and encourage followers to avoid washing for as long as possible to reset the natural balance of oils in their scalp. (That’s not how it works. Hair oils are controlled by hormones, not by external factors.) In fact, tThere’s a lot of quirky information about how often you wash your hair, usually provided by influencers and beauty magazines.but what teeth The answer to the age-old question: How often should you wash your hair?

this is really subjective

Sorry, but like so many things, washing your hair is subjective. and genuine). Hair type and styling plans also influence the schedule. Consider texture. For those with bristles, recommended by professionals We recommend washing once a week or once every 10 days. If you have short hair, you can wash it more often without risking it breaking. There are many factors here.according to Christa McKinnonMidwestern stylists should wash their hair before an appointment to style it, but if you plan to style your hair for an event, don’t wash it for at least a day.

But what about when you’re not heading to the barbershop or looking down at the curling iron barrel before the party? Per WebMDsome stylists recommend that clients keep it on as long as possible without washing, but that means you need to spend some time figuring out how long it will take. you.

“Coils, curls, or blondes can be lengthened to prevent dry ends,” says McKinnon, adding that shampoos and heat styling can be drying and damaging. should be washed longer with an oil or serum for hydration.”

Essentially, the thicker your hair, the more you should, or at least, avoid washing it. If it’s colored, washing it more often will make it dull faster. If your hair is fine or you exercise daily, you may need to increase your schedule, MacKinnon cautions, although he recommends a wash routine every two to four days, but this is what clients need. She added that it completely depends on your comfort and the condition of your hair.

what is science?

Shampoos obviously remove oil and dirt from your hair, requirement It contains a certain amount of oil to keep your hair healthy. According to WebMD, shampoo also locks in oils, which can make hair really dry and brittle, leading to breakage.

According to the Cleveland ClinicWashing your hair too much to the point of drying the scalp itself can lead to itchiness as well as hair loss. enough May cause dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis. Afterwards, over-the-counter medicated shampoos may be required, and in some cases, a prescription may be required. The clinic uses dry shampoo whenever possible between washes, and focuses on conditioning treatments when washing. It is recommended to shampoo only the roots to avoid drying the hair.

finally, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Washing your scalp can protect you from ringworm if you come in direct contact with an infected person or animal, and it can also protect you from head lice.

What’s the point?

It’s certainly interesting, but it doesn’t quite answer the question of how often you should wash your hair, as well as tell you what works best for your mane. However, putting all these tips together gives us one key takeaway from him: Depending on all these factors, It is recommended to wash your hair about twice a week. Plan your hair wash around your weekly schedule, allowing plenty of time for a thorough cleaning, conditioning and drying, and keep dry shampoo on deck.

How often should you wash your hair?

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