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How much money can you make by renting out a pool

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The sharing economy seems to allow you to turn every skill you have and everything you own into a source of income. RVs, garage, and/or parking lot to a stranger in cash.In recent years, backyard swimming pools have also emerged. via swimplyhosts hourly rentals for individual homeowners.

Listing your pool seems like an easy source of passive income — and if you’re already paying for the upfront costs, you might be too, right? when reading the headline Earn $177,000 in just two years.

But like Airbnb and other peer-to-peer sharing networks, it can be more complicated than posting a few photos, calculating rental prices, and seeing reservations come in. Does listing your pool on Swimply really pay off?

What Affects Pool Rental Prices?

Swimply allows you to set your own hourly rate. Prices range from about $30 to a few hundred dollars per hour for up to five guests, and for larger groups he charges an hourly surcharge.platform Recommend a price drop in your area Once you start getting bookings, then raise your prices when you have a handful of reviews.

There are many factors that influence how rental rates are set.

  • position: Your city and neighborhood both affect what you charge—supply and demand, right? Searching for pools in Los Angeles generally charges higher hourly rates than those listed in Salt Lake City. , but the New York City host charges a lot more than both for a seemingly much lower rate. may be necessary.
  • Pool type and size: A large well maintained pool in a large yard with plenty of patio seating plus additional features such as hot tubs, water fixtures, waterslides and diving boards pay more to accommodate more groups may attract swimmers to be able to host・Price per person.
  • Amenities: Similar to Airbnb, amenities such as heating, grills, fire pits, pool floats, outdoor showers, Bluetooth speakers, towels, and bathrooms keep things interesting. You can charge extra for access to these amenities, but you can also keep your base hourly rate low and get noticed. Some hosts offer drink coolers, party decorations, and event planning services.
  • review: If you collect a lot of 5-star reviews, you may be able to increase your price.
  • discount: Prices may be lower on weekdays than on weekends, and higher on holidays.
  • Pool rules: Do you allow children? pet? party? alcohol? refund?

How much does it cost to rent a pool?

First, swimply listings are not pure profit. The company applies his 15% discount on all bookings and sometimes offers discounts and promotional codes to guests, but this is out of the host’s control. (Please note that guests also pay a fee for each reservation.)

You may or may not pay an additional premium to open the pool.swim ply Provides $1,000,000 liability insurance No additional charges for all hosts. In addition, if the guest refuses to pay, they are entitled to a refund of up to $10,000 for damage to the pool or property. However, you should also check your home insurance to make sure there are no gaps in your liability.

There may be initial costs if the pool is not set up to host groups. For example, if you don’t have an outdoor or garage bathroom and you don’t want people entering your home (or peeing in the pool), you may need to rent a portable toilet or install some type of outdoor toilet. No. Patio furniture and pool floats are the other basic things you need to buy. So let’s say you’re looking at hundreds to thousands of dollars to improve your listing.

Then there is the cost of maintaining the pool. According to Home Advisor, which can range from $3,000 to $5,000 a year, and you’ll probably pay no matter what. However, consider the money and manpower that may be required to clean, maintain, or repair pools used more frequently by larger groups. I consider myself a “pool provider” and I check pool chemicals 5-10 times. per day— Few examples of passive income — and you have to market when you’re just starting out.

Another real-world example: Reddit user u/SDgirlburner describe their experience I made $2,500 in 50 days after listing my pool on Swimply in June 2020:

  • Rental fee: $30 per hour, $5 per person after the first 5
  • Amenities: bathroom, Bluetooth speaker, grill
  • Maintenance fee: $100/month
  • Average earnings per day: $50

Users point out that with only two or three other pools within a 30-mile radius, they get more bookings than if the area were saturated. They also claim that they do not have to pay any more for maintenance and cleaning associated with hosting guests.

Finally, local laws may require a business license or safety equipment.Also, Swimply Pools must comply with safety guidelinesare both costly.

How to save money on pool rental

Suppose you own a house with a pool in the suburbs of Atlanta. Via Swimply, he charges $60 per hour for weekend bookings for up to five people, and $5 per person for larger parties. Here’s the breakdown for booking her 2 hours for her 8 guests on Saturday.

  • 2 hours x $60 per hour = $120
  • 2 hours x 3 additional guests x $5 per hour = $30
  • Swimply Host Fee: $150 x 15% = $22.50
  • Total Payout: $127.50

Now suppose this same group wants to use the gas grill ($10 per rental period), the hot tub ($35 per rental period), and the speaker system ($3 per hour). This brings your initial total to $201 and your payout to $170.85.

In theory, you can host multiple bookings per day, especially on busy weekends and holidays. Assuming no additional set-up or insurance costs, basic 2-hour rentals should be booked 24 days a year, or roughly twice a week during the summer months to keep annual maintenance/repair costs low there is. Not bad as long as you aren’t tied to using the pool yourself during popular times. Ultimately it comes down to how much you are willing to invest to get a return on your investment.

How much money can you make by renting out a pool

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