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How much does it actually cost to live in RV for a year?

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The world economy is becoming more and more resemble the “This is fine” memePeople are, of course, seeking creative solutions to their money challenges.In the past, the recession has boosted ideas such as: Small house movements and #VanLife subculture, As people try to find more flexibility and affordability Alternative to Borrow Huge amount of money to live in Home as their parents did. for example, Just live in RV..

WWorking from home will eventually become a permanent reality for many, and life on the road is no longer just for retired people. a A comfortable and mobile living space where you can drive on national highways or stay relatively stationary, Depending on your lifestyle and your daily mood. The RV is quite luxurious, but even the basic model offers a well-planned living space with a kitchen, bathroom and other amenities.

But while you can probably buy RVs at a cheaper price than traditional homes, that doesn’t mean they actually offer a cheaper lifestyle.As you may have noticed, the price of gasoline is Sky-highAnd even if they go down significantly Continue to fuel huge RVs Will be expensive—AThere are many others Costs related to total RV lifestyle quickly.So I’m avoiding your dreams Buy a house and an RVMart’s financial movement?? Estimate your annual living expenses at RV.

Note: As Gas and other nonNegotiable Always fluid, Think of this as a rough estimate.your The actual cost of living an RV depends largely on three factors:

  1. How mobile are you planning to be? If you don’t drive an RV very much, gas may not be a big part of your budget.
  1. How fancy are you? The less amenities and comfort you need to be happy, the cheaper your RV’s life will be.
  2. How much space do you need? The size of the RV you live in will affect your upfront and monthly costs.

RV selection

First of all, you have to understand the type of RV you will live in. There are a wide range of options at a wide range of prices.Brand new class ARV can run you $ 500,000, Used pop-up trailers can often be purchased for only $ 3,000.If you buy a fifth wheel or other type of trailer, you will also need a vehicle that is strong enough to tow...The average RV loan payment is Between $ 250 and $ 450 per month..Your monthly Costs vary greatly depending on interest rates and the amount borrowed— If purchased in cash, it can be $ 0 or much higher than $ 450. For the sake of discussion, let’s say the average payment is $ 350. That’s about $ 4,200 a year.

Having an RV is one thing, keeping it running is another.Like a car, your RV will require regular maintenanceinclude Regular oil change, There are also funds for hedging failures and damages. Again, the actual cost depends on the age of the RV and how good the mechanical repairs are.But you probably have to assume About $ 300 per month ($ 3,600 a year) If you plan to roll a lot of RVs, and If you stand still for a long time, it will be a little less.If you buy a new or used item from a dealer, it may come with a warranty and will help reduce these costs...

And like any other home or car, your RV needs insurance.The average cost of full-time RV insurance is about $ 1,500 a year..

Gas: not cheap

Current gas prices in the United States Diesel typically ranges from $ 4 to $ 6 per gallon and diesel ranges from $ 5 to nearly $ 7 per gallon.Gas price is Due to the dramatic changes between states and even between regions within the state, it is worth using: Gas buddy To find the cheapest gas available — saving a few cents of gallons can actually sum up over time.

When buying an RV, you need to choose between diesel and regular gas. Diesel is generally more expensive per gallon, but it has longer mileage.on the other hand, Diesel pump It can be difficult to find, especially when entering the center of the city. For our purposes, let’s stipulate that gas costs about $ 5.50 per gallon.

The next thing to consider is your RV Mileage And how much is it You are going to drive it. The basic equation is simple. The distance is divided by the MPG and multiplied by the cost per gallon. RV is No Great for that Fuel economy-Large class ARV 4 MPG, And average 6–8MPG.Small class CRV is a little better At 10-13MPG.If You are towing a trailer, which obviously depends on the truck and luggage. Good eThe estimated value is about 12MPG.Let’s average it all for our purposes 9MPG.

Finally, how far you drive your RV every day is a personal choice. It is recommended to drive no more than 500 miles a day— And perhaps much less driving is best, ideally about 200-300 miles per day. Also, do not drive for more than a few hours at a time. Of course, I don’t drive every day. You may settle in the parking lot for several days at a time, or you may have a semi-permanent campsite for weeks or months of the year. Let’s keep our daily driving estimates low and say 200 miles a week. Applying our equation, the cost of gas is about $ 500 a month, or $ 6,000 a year.


Another consideration is propane. This is because most rigs rely on fuel cooking and heating.The price of propane is different like any other product, Usually a trend between $ 2 and $ 5 Per gallon; Usage depends on how much time you spend on the road, rather than parking on a hookup. In warmer climates, you may spend only $ 20 a month on propane, but if you spend the winter in colder climates, you may spend $ 500. Divide the difference and estimate $ 250 a month for propane and $ 3,000 a year.

Park fee

Unless you have Cannonball run-Plan to drive 24 hours a day, you I will park your RV from time to time. That way, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of disciplines, from completely free to fairly expensive.

  • Free parking. TThere are many parts of the country where you can park your rig for free, at least in the evening, often longer. Land Management BureauFor example, allow free “distributed camps” on the land for 14 days at a time.nd Walmart has a general policy that allows RVs to camp in the parking lot. Keep in mind that these options are called dry camps or “bundock”. No connection is required or water, electricity, or other equipment is unavailable.But they freedom!
  • State and national parks. while With $ 10 $ 100 a year, you can buy most s annual passestate and nNational pArk. Generally, you can camp in an RV as long as the campsite can accommodate the size of the rig. Camping fees per night are fairly low, ranging from $ 15 to $ 25 with a water and electricity connection, $ 10 to $ 15 without a connection, and an average monthly cost of about $ 450 (annual). $ 5,400).
  • Private campsite. Private campgrounds usually offer the most in terms of amenities, but all are offered at an additional charge. Spots like Kampgrounds of America (KOA) and other private The site is very comfortable as it provides electricity, water, garbage dump, cable TV, shower and WiFi. If you move and plan to pay a lot of daily rates to the campsite, you will average about $ 1,200 per month or $ 14,400 per year on rent.In many cases, you can lower that price by switching to monthly rent...

For the purpose of our quoteSuppose you want to use a combination of a free campsite and a paid campsite. YWe spend about $ 7,000 a year on parking fees.

Data plan and internet

One of the costs that many people overlook is meInternet access.. While on the move This can be a very expensive proposal, even if you stay in the campsite semi-permanently. they Famous for having terrible internet services.. You can try unlimited data plans on your mobile phone and use it as an internet hotspot. This allows you to use it from $ 25 per month ($ 300 per year) to $ 200 per year ($ 2,400 per year). It depends on the carrier and the number of lines required.But for many, budget options are ridiculously slow and offered. Frustrating lack of coverage.

Another option is a satellite dish. Can provide bothInternet and TV are available for hundreds of dollars in advance and about $ 100 a month ($ 1,200 a year) for the following services: plate..

Many campgrounds offer WiFi as part of the price, but that’s Usually what i amInternet scientists call it “terrible,” so it’s a good idea to have a backup plan to stay connected... SSplit No, let’s do it Suppose you pay about $ 1,200 a year all-in for meInternet and phone plans.


Now let’s aggregate it. KKeeping in mind that we have made many assumptions, guesses, and estimates in the process, And your particular experience is very different, you see about $ 26,500 a year to live in your RV. Something like you Down payment or cost Food, recreation, or other general living expenses..this Much more, or much less, Depending on the type of lifestyle you pursue. After all, there is no right or wrong way to do an RV.

How much does it actually cost to live in RV for a year?

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