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How many movies do I need to watch to pay off my theater subscription?

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For many, summer is synonymous with an outdoor adventure.Long hike in the woods, morning run Picnics along the beach and in the park are just a few of the activities I won’t be attending in the coming months... That’s because for me, season is synonymous with one thing. Summer blockbuster.

And it’s a big hit season that it is shaped. Over the next few months, we will be blessed with some real douzies.I’m talking about the next chapter Jurassic Park New from the franchise Marvel Cinematic UniverseAnd even the one and only story of Goshdan origin Buzz Lightyear..

Unfortunately, the cost of these trips going to the cinema to see these blockbusters could go into the rack Get up fast and you are not made of money.Fortunately, we live in gold The era of movie theaters offering subscription services. clearly, Nothing holds a candle MoviePass (RIP)But the phoenix rises from the ashes —In the form of several other viable cinema subscription options.

Take a look at the subscription services offered by some of the largest cinema chains in the United States and see how many movies you need to watch to make their services economically valuable.

price: From $ 19.95 per month.

Included: Tickets for 3 movies per week (including screenings on IMAX® and Dolby Cinema screens).

be careful: Prices start at $ 19.95, but this is just the first tier of a three-tier system. This hierarchy only includes access to use the plan in 34 states. You must pay $ 23.95 per month to be able to use your membership in all 50 states.

Conclusion: TThe fact that he also covers screening at your AMC Stub A List membership IMAX The Dolby Cinema Theater is really fascinating. Under the right circumstances, AMC Stubs A-List membership can pay for the next month of a movie. If you watch two movies a month, it’s worth it.Just reconcile with the fact that you’re going to see a lot Nicole Kidman..

price: From $ 18.00 per month.

Included: 10% of all food and non-alcoholic concessions, in addition to unlimited 2D movie tickets.

be careful: Like the AMC Stubs A-List, this includes a three-tier system. You will have to pay $ 23.50 per month to access all legal cinema theaters nationwide.In addition, this service no Include IMAX Screening. If you want to enjoy entertainment in more than standard 2D, be prepared to pay an extra fee.

Conclusion: The good thing about the Regal Unlimited Plan is that there are no blackout days. There is no time limit. The plan isn’t just looking at you for Matinee screening. Depending on your state’s living expenses, this plan pays itself after a few movies a month.

price: From $ 19.99 per month.

Included: One 2D movie ticket per day.

be careful: TTechnically This plan starts at $ 16.99 per month, but only if you plan to visit El Paso, Texas and Lubbock locations only.Get a majority access for $ 19.99 per month City, and for $ 29.99 you can access all Theaters nationwide. You also have to pay $ 1.99 to watch a movie in 3D, 70mm, or Dolby. There is also a $ 1 fee For each ticket purchased.

Conclusion: Looking at two months a month covers the cost of the Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass — jPlease note that all Alamo Drafthouses are eating out theaters and you will want to spend time With extra money in food and drink, some discipline is needed to make this plan really worth the money. Taking into account the hidden rates, it’s hard to justify what both AMC and Legal offer with the Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass.

price: From $ 9.99 per month.

Included: 20% off discount in addition to one 2D movie ticket per month.

be careful: Goods news? Unused tickets will be carried over monthly. But yYour subscription includes only one ticket per month. Additional tickets can be purchased at member price and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Conclusion: I think this subscription is worth the price the moment you monetize your subscription-Ticket allocation.20% off concessions is great, but in the end Don’t buy a kiosk at all.. For casual movie enthusiasts, this plan makes sense, but if you visit the theater more than once a month, you have a better option.

price: From $ 9.99 per month.

Included: 1 2D movie ticket per month, p10% off lus concessions.

be careful: They also offer a more expensive subscription called MOVIEFLEX +, which also allows free admission to the movie on Tuesday. This starts at $ 14.99.

Conclusion: MOVIEFLEX itself is a great deal and not surprising, but with Tuesday’s flexibility, MOVIEFLEX + can be stolen.that is It’s a great option for casual movie enthusiasts who sometimes watch multiple movies a month.

How many movies do I need to watch to pay off my theater subscription?

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