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How long will the liquor last after opening the bottle?

How long does the liquor last after opening the bottle?Image of the article titled

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When I was young, when I survived with affordable liquor and hot dogs, getting a “nice” bottle of liquor was a pretty big problem. My natural instinct was to preserve these gifts. aAfter the sample, I piously placed the bottle on a high shelf, lovingly stared at it for a special occasion, and limited my interaction to breaking it. This practice It directly led to the toughest lessons of my young life. In fact, sake has an expiration date.Or if not always strict the term of validity Date, pretty solid User date.

The moment when alcohol begins to change depends on some data points. tThe type of liquor we are talking about, whether the bottle is open, and how you store it. The results will also vary considerably. Some liquors simply taste bad and become less effective over time, while some liquors become weaker over time. It literally gets worse. This is a quick guide to the time it takes to enjoy the treasure of alcohol after opening the bottle.

How air affects open bottles sake

Alcohol is a whimsical product. For example, wine continues to mature in bottles and can become richer and more interesting over time, but this is not the case for most hard liquors. Whiskey in a properly sealed bottle will be almost the same whether you drink it today or 100 years later.But once you conduct When you open the bottle, the devil’s oxygen jumps into it and begins to transform the liquor. And while the early stages of this conversion can be positive (especially for whiskey, it often improves slightly within a few weeks after opening), the oxidative process eventually deprives the liquor. ..

The period during which various categories of liquor can be expected to continue after opening is as follows.


High alcohol content and low sugar content in whiskey means that shelves are fairly stable, but will be “worse”. About 2 years after opening. “Bad” is a spectrum, but never whiskey pamper, By itself — You can drink a glass of whiskey that opens 20 years later and it won’t kill you. However, evaporation may reduce the alcohol content and change the flavor profile, so you may not be able to enjoy this experience.

Note: Flavor whiskey, especially if it’s less than 80 proof, can have a shorter life due to its high sugar content, so opening the honeyjack bottle will You may also pour all shot.


Vodka will last a little longer than whiskey after opening. It can be up to 10 years, and in some cases even longer. The process is the same, but vodka begins to change taste in just a few years and slowly loses the power of alcohol. In the same way. Like whiskey, it doesn’t actually “rot”, but if you don’t consume it within a few years, Your drinking experience will definitely be diminished. Also, flavor vodka spins much faster due to the possible high sugar content.


Rum, if unopened, lasts indefinitely and then begins to spin within 6 months. About two years later You will definitely notice the difference in taste profile and potency of your rum.


Once opened, the runway will be a little shorter and the taste will be much worse. It’s been about a year since I opened it. Like any hard liquor, it doesn’t necessarily get worse in the sense that it’s dangerous to drink, and it’s not the fun experience you want.


Brandy is distilled from wine, so you might think it’s going to get worse in a few days like a good bottle of C.Abanette. The truth is yes and no. An open brandy bottle will begin to taste “rotated” in about 6 months, making it a surely shorter watch than any other liquor. But it will still be drinkable for a couple of years, and like any other liquor, The red bottle you push behind the liquor rack and forget your will will never actually be completely rancid.

Note: Some lower evidence brandy will spin much faster.


Tequila tastes bad about a year after opening. The time frame is almost the same for both Mezcal and Tequila. It doesn’t kill you, but it doesn’t taste right-and if you notice that your taste profile changes, From there it is a downward slide.

Liqueur and cordial

These sweet drinks, as a rule, have a high sugar content and usually get worse within a year or two. In this case, the word “bad” is used. To do It means “growth spoiled”. Also, liqueurs containing dairy products (such as Baileys Irish Cream) should be used within a year. In fact, liqueurs containing dairy products Unopened It’s a bottle, so make your purchase decisions carefully.

Delay tactics

So your liquor will definitely inspire you in the end — but you can do some simple things to keep your liquor as fresh as possible:

  • Store the bottle properly. Sake should be stored upright, as contact with the cork can contribute to flavor deterioration, damage the cork and weaken the seal that prevents the devil’s oxygen. Make sure the cork or screw top is securely fastened. Do not leave the spout in, as it only adds oxygen.
  • Keep away from light and heat. If you store whiskey in the window sill next to the radiator, that’s wrong. Find a cool, shadowy, cave-like place.
  • The bottle far below. One of the things you can do to keep your liquor fresh longer is to decant into a small bottle when you drink. Small bottles (caps tightly sealed-decanters do not work) limit the amount of exposure to air and can slow down the process of rotation for some time.

Ultimately, your liquor becomes your former ghost. But if you think about it, it’s really a perfect excuse for having an extra glass of something nice tonight-you’re playing your part in the fight against waste.

How long will the liquor last after opening the bottle?

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