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How do you meet the images of the Webb telescope?Out of Touch Adult Children’s Guide

Images of the article titled The Out-of-Touch Adults & # 39; Guide to Children's Culture: How Do We Meme Images of the Webb Telescope?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but everything that’s happening in this week’s pop culture fills me with ambivalence. Thank you for wanting to raise an army of frogs, but recognize the potential environmental impact. It’s funny to ask the kids if they want to fight together, but it’s bad to fight. Large telescopes are awe-inspiring, but memes are also interesting. You understand the idea.

The internet reacts to the first image from the Webb Space Telescope

The smartest people on the planet have spent the last 20 years and $ 10 billion launching the James Webb Space Telescope into space. The first image was returned this week. Literally, it is a picture showing the birth of time itself.

The internet responded as expected: with a fleeting interest, Indifference, and memes..Many people saw the image and said “Oh, cool” before returning to play. Apex Legend.. Made Redditors Meme.. Twitter comes with a hot take.. Telegram user immediately called the image as a fakeNASA says, “Pull the SIC stockings firmly over the lens” and “get the shine of light.”

I didn’t expect anything else, but I hope people get cooler when they find the aliens.

What is #fightprank?

I #fightprank trend Take over TikTok. This works as follows: Parents approach the child (if the child is still obsessed with things) and say:isten, I’m going to fight our neighbors, and they have kids about your age you have to fight. So put on your shoes and get a scrap pin. ” and, reaction.

Some kids shook..Kids like Rocco Immediately down to hit the ass. Some kids are free I’m too mature to fight..The popularity of challenge / memes led to videos where kids put them down Parents in the same situationAnd funny A completely different way..

“That’s terrible! Parents shouldn’t!” But I usually find it interesting.There is none For real Fight, and it shows the love we have for our people, “I got your back.” I asked my son — sadly I’m too old to deceive— Whether he fought with me, and he said “100 percent”. I see this as a parenting victory.

TikToker creates an army of frogs

Tik Tok users @thinfrog I dreamed: they wanted to create an overwhelming army of frogs. @thinfrog did something instead of sitting. From February, we collected frog eggs from the surrounding puddles and dropped spawning goo in a pond near our house.A few months later, there were over a million people Tadpole In the pond, and FrogAnd finally one million and half Frog!! True frog army! Also, as an additional bonus, we got 2 million followers on TikTok.

An interesting copycat followed: Ladybugs attackMillions of ladybugs have been released In the world. this is Very bad thing It is caused by the environment and ecosystem. Also: Like everything on the internet, these videos are probably fake.

Old influencers warned to stay away from TikTok

TikTok kids For real I think of you? me neither!But that Tik Tok taste maker is not stopped Celebrity spell check From talking to us. Their feed has been closed, Recent interviewThe celebrity was asked who should leave TikTok, When answered, “I would say it’s all thirties old-A school influential person who was lucky on Instagram a few years ago but didn’t bring anything to the table … TikTok is a brand new ball game. You have to provide something and the pretty face doesn’t cut it. Moreover, it is absolutely brutal. ”

That’s probably true, but I’d like to point out that celebrity spell checking has taken a considerable amount of time. An interview talking about the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, and they AustraliaSo they aren’t really in a place to call others lame.

This Week’s Viral Video: SML Movie: Brooklyn Guy’s Dad

I usually only share smart, funny and well-produced comedy videos, but this week’s viral videos SML Movie: Brooklyn Guy’s DadIt’s stupid, boring and bad, at least for me. Entertainment that I personally don’t like is still important, and more than 2 million people who watched this video online on the first day are also important. Perhaps even if you don’t want to spend time with them Their opinion about comedy is wrong and bad.

28-year-old YouTuber Logan Austin Thirtyacre product, SML Is a doll-based sitcom / series / movie that really connects with kids, even if they aren’t seen favorably by exaggerated internet writers and Japanese fans. Bunraku Style puppet show …

I understand, it’s not terrible.. It’s mildly attractive in that cheesy-looking dolls yell at each other, homemade and sincere, and as entertaining as Muppet has done at least in the last decade. fine.this is good.. I’m a fan now. are you happy?

How do you meet the images of the Webb telescope?Out of Touch Adult Children’s Guide

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