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How do you avoid becoming cynical as you get older?

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One characteristic of older people I know is that they are reluctant to justify challenging information. They seem convinced that their opinion is the absolute truth.

Over time, enthusiastic people who once had a subtle view of social or political issues will become hardcore, dogma-squirting conservatives / liberals. Conversations with old friends revolve around “the fun we once did.” By default, those who once valued the growth that comes from new experiences think: Not so good. “

Some of me are afraid that it will be inevitable. Maybe the bulls you want are the logical end of the filtering process of modern life, and with the help of algorithms and prejudices, we are drawn to things, people, ideas that reassure us, and eventually we. Annoy us until we re-breath the stinking air in a spiritual space. It’s so small that we can’t even talk to people we disagree with.

It’s easy to blame “experience”. Given that the world is a very unjust place, the only possible result of seeing it more is to build thicker spiritual armor than ever before. But that was not my living experience.I’ve been cynical when I was young, and all the worthwhile moments I’ve had since then Less than Ironically, I was open to something new, so it’s horny enough to hear. Based on everything I’ve seen (and studied), it’s clearly more informative, Personally When FinanciallyTo keep your heart open and not slip through the holes of a permanently exhausted rabbit.

But ironically yet Creeping up. I know it well, but I think, “In the old days, I knew what good music was like / how to act / the importance of work / which medicines are fun / what to insert anything here”. ..I’m still declining the invitation so I can stay home and watch over Twilight zoneOr hear about some new trends and movements and dismiss it as worthless before learning what it is, or before knowing if it can enrich me.

So i let you put it out:how you Will you remain open and hopeful in this fallen world? Is that possible? In the comments below, please give me (and the world) personal tips for avoiding mental and emotional calcification.

How do you avoid becoming cynical as you get older?

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